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Your Average Thursday… NOT

10 Feb

So, I got to experience this:

YHL Amazing-ness

some serious cheesing on my end

That’s right…. Mind. BLOWN!  After working all day, an alumni happy hour event for Emory, and an hour and half wait in line…. I got to meet John & Sherry from Young House Love!  You may have noticed their names pop up throughout my posts because they, along with Katie from Bower Power, were the reasons I wanted to keep track of things I did around the house.  They both write as if they are speaking directly to you, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised at how welcoming they were in person.  They were so amazing and so kind!

I have to admit, I was kinda nervous right before going up to meet them, so there may have been random words thrown around and my mind was a complete flurry of mess.  When Sherry learned my name, she asked if I was a twin… I let them know that I had the next best thing – a best friend named Nina!  I thought it was a hilarious question as John kindly explained that Sherry believes all Nina’s are twins.  Ha!  Sherry also complimented me on my outfit, which, coming from the queen of color-pops…. MADE. MY. WEEK!

But the cherry on top?  Katie and Jeremy were in another corner, with their own line, and with new baby Weston.  When I got up to Katie, the event was nearly over and I don’t know if it was the free wine that Flor provided for us, or the sheer joy of it all giving me helium-brain, but it was almost surreal to have Katie Bower (!!!) joking with me.  We talked about my pants (again!) and then how Chris and her brother in law both work at Case Mate.  We laughed, we joked, we complimented each other and I cannot tell you how hilarious she was.  I even had to apologize to Sherry for holding Katie up because YHL had finished while a group of girls were still waiting their turn to have a picture and autograph with Katie.


Yes, I realize that the pictures are blurry, but the memory is still there!  The picture on the right is right after she shoved my butt up in front trying to hide everything but her face, so we made up for it by diva’ing it up.

Thank you guys for everything!  Meeting you all in person makes me adore you more… and I can’t wait to see what all you guys do in the future! 

Other fun things to note: 

Loved this girl taking pictures for everyone…. and yes, I made sure to tell her that not everyone can pull off a one-piece like that.

Outfit Love

Creepin’ a little

Shout out to some new girls I met while waiting in line.  These two had just met that night too, believe it or not:

Keeping Warm!

A Bit Windy….


Link Party: THRIFT SHOP Awesomeness

1 Feb

In case you haven’t heard/seen it yet….

Yours truly (Nina^2) decided to join this party, hosted by my favorite bloggers at Young House Love – to see what we could scrounge up.

Update: Here’s the link for the original creators of this challenge!

We first attempted Psycho Sisters in Sandy Springs. And I say attempted because this is what happened:

All Thumbs DOWN

All Thumbs DOWN

Apparently, many thrift stores close early on the weekdays.  And for those who get off a little later than usual (like the ONE time I had to stay behind….), no bueno.

No matter.  Goodwill never fails!

Hence….. the THRIFT SHOP CHALLENGE put on Young House Love!

Basically, up to $20 to spend on whatever you can find.

Nina R

Nina E

Though I wish we could have had a longer amount of time for this, our brains must have been fried because we didn’t find many items we really wanted.  Maybe our hearts were crushed because of the Psycho Sister letdown, but I did manage to get away with some toys that I wanted to add to my office stash (plus there’s my #3 item of an image with *multiple* broken keyboards):

Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

And Nina walked away with a pretty nice tennis racket for like $3.50…. and her #3 item was footie pajamas:

Nina's Macklemore Thrift Store Challenge

Though we probably could have had more fun if we were able to plan ahead a little more, but it was still so much fun to spend the evening together in the middle of a work week.  Plus, Nina finally found a chair just for her size:

Classy Lady

I kid, I kid.  Happy Friday, everyone!


30 Nov

Just kidding….. Don’t you just hate those?!

On a more serious note, did everyone have a wonderful Gobble Day?  I sure hope so… The Earnest family did it big!!!  I only contributed a sweet potato side dish, but MamaE had roasted the turkey (YUM – JUICINESS TO THE MAX), made mashed potatoes and noodles, green beans, and all kinds of scrumptilicious foods… yes, I just totally made up that word, thankyouverymuch.  Not only that, but we had appetizers and 3 different pies plus chocolate cake.  Our fridge was literally full from all the leftovers overtaking that space! We spent the day with my Earnest family while missing my Choi family and MamaE and I talked about decorating half the time.

The following evening, MamaE provided all of us with Groupon tickets for the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Garden Lights.  We bundled up, buckled up, and were on our way! By the way, if you’re going, beware that the parking lot gets full FAST.  Perhaps it was because it was the day after Thanksgiving, but you’ll probably have a better time if you go during a weeknight to avoid parking holdups.  We parked about a 1/2 mile away (or so) and crossed our fingers the car wouldn’t be towed and walked through part of downtown Atlanta.  Yes, sounds incredibly shady, but it wasn’t really bad at all.  Plus it was fun to actually get some exercise after the obscene amount of food and leftovers I had consumed. I literally gained 5 pounds over the span of last week… or maybe NinaP’s scale is way off. 😉

Outside of the craziness that is Thanksgiving, NinaP and I spent about 3 days together doing wedding-related stuff and shopping… Can’t believe it’s coming up so soon!!!! December and January will be gone so quickly – scary thought!  We shopped, spray painted, labeled and stuffed envelopes, and shopped some more.  I’ll let NinaP share the details with you – but my nails are still tinged with black and silver from the spray paint cans (we’ve remedied that situation for the next time).






Oh, right! Pop quizzes!

So, I took a couple a while ago and was going to share it with you guys and then my favorite bloggers posted last week about it!  Have you guys ever taken online style quizzes?  I can’t decide if I have a favorite yet, but I thought I’d list a couple for you guys to try:

HGTV’s Test Your Shopping Smarts – you are given 2 images and you get to decide which one is the higher-priced item.

Haverty’s Design Quiz – apparently I am blessed with a blend of Transitional and Contemporary (Is that good? I hope so… I’m usually drawn to cottage-type stuff + contemporary pieces… but not super bold things)

Then, here’s one by Nate Berkus himself!

Hubby also took this quiz and really, truly appreciated and embraced this question (haha, he’s going to hate me for this):

And he also didn’t think Nate got him 100% correctly:

Of course, Ethan Allen is important to home design…

HomeGood’s Deborah Needleman came up with another fun one – Earthy Casual, I am.

What’s incredibly interesting to me is that half of those colors are in my home – but I hate how earthy it looks!  I would prefer brighter colors!!! My design challenge is to Unify (which makes sense because Hubby and I recently combined home items), the breezy and open outdoors creates my happy place, and my home should be party-ready all the time. (HA!)

Ikea’s Quiz is also fun (tiny bit biased, but only product-wise) with just 10 questions.  Anyone want to further explain “Scandinavian Balanced”?

Finally, I love Sproost’s Quiz too – you get decide on a scale between Hate It to Love It.  I have a hard time picking favorites….


It’s really interesting that I am transitionally contemporary, modern, romantic, earthy casual, and scandinavianlly balanced – blended with a bit of Nantucket.  So basically, unless someone can Freud my subconscious sense of style, I have no idea what I want my house to ultimately look like.

Well,  I hope I at least gave someone a fun way to get through the week’s hump!

White(ish) Wall

20 Sep

When I first moved into our house… Hubby had already been living here for about a year.  Alhtough it wasn’t quite a  bachelor pad, it was close enough… and as far as I’m concerned, as close as it would EVER get, mind you.  Meaning that it still had an apartment feel to it, with bare walls and bare necessities.  (Sorry, had to get it out into the open, Hubby – honesty’s the best policy, right?)

So, we slowly filled the walls of our home and now I have almost NO wall space now!  I suppose that’s a good thing — goal achieved?  (For now.)  So, we started with our living room wall being this color:

To this lovely shade of what-I-swear-is-blue… (more on that in a second)

True friends work for you. 🙂

L-R: Chris, me(NinaE), Little Nina, James - and yes, we drank champagne that night to celebrate Chris' closing!

Ready for the heart-sinking news?  When you search this wall color, it comes up basically a weird shade of gray with the tiniest, weeniest hint of blue.  And that’s being nice. for my own sake.  Because you see, it is nothing like the “pastel blue” swatch we have – oh no no no, it comes up like this, this and this…. what could this mean?!?  Have I, like Hubby, gone color-blind?  But that can’t be… you do see the color above, don’t you?!  We were going for a “pastel blue” and to see how gray it appears was a little disheartening…. especially because I don’t want to lose credibility with y’all.

(self-therapy starts here)  But you know what?  When I walk into our living room, I see a beautiful shade of blue! So, forget all that other stuff…  If you want to see Valspar’s Woodlawn Sterling Blue in real life, come over!

Anyhow, one empty wall that has been bothering me was by the entryway (the one to the left in the photo below).  We don’t have a formal foyer or entryway in our condo (it’s roughly 1200 sq. ft), but I needed some way to separate the area.  See?

Entryway on Closing Day

And if you turn around at that exact same spot, you see:

Almost a year after moving into this place, I finally decided we were going to splurge on a bunch of Ikea frames.  And my inspiration?  None other than Young House Love, naturally.  Of course, I, being the student that I am, cannot afford to buy so many frames and Hubby was a little alarmed when I said I wanted to buy so many frames at once.  So, I settled for 8 frames.  All from Ikea’s Ribba line.  Plus, we wanted to incorporate the photograph that was given to us when Chris closed on the house, a gift from an amazing realtor.  It’s a pretty great image that he photographed somewhere in the Midwest and placed into a simple matted black frame.

Taking tips from John and Sherry, I strategically planned for my placement.

I ❤ Reusing!

And voila!

Honestly, the photo is from this angle only because there is so little natural lighting that I was getting crazy flash-reflections.

Once I got some of our lovely wedding photos printed, the frames looked much better (as expected).

So… you’ll notice that the frames have been switched around in the last two photos – mostly to accommodate the lamp on our desk.  You’re thinking, “But WHY does she have a desk in the entryway when she has an awesome office/sunroom?”  Wellll… I don’t know if I’ve told you yet… but here’s what’s going on:

When I moved in with Chris, Allan (baby brother) came with us because he was finishing up the last of his classes at Georgia Tech.  When he finished this past August, the plan was for him to move out of the guest room, go back to Augusta and continue looking for internships/jobs.  As this was going on, Andrew (middle child) was going to move INTO the guest bedroom to begin HIS classes at Mercer University’s Pharmacy program, for an unknown length of time.  It was just easier this way for everyone, all around. And I love my brothers, remember?

Well, turn of events:  Allan’s in the middle of moving his belongings to Augusta when he gets a phone call from Shaw Industries (yes! the carpeting company)  for an internship!  What’s a family to do at this point?  It was only until December….. sooooo the office/sunroom has become a temporary bedroom!  Honestly, we didn’t have much in there, so the biggest event was moving the desk.  And Kade’s favorite chair:

Kade's Favorite Bed of Choice

Alright, alright – I’m back to the wall of photos – MAN, I get sidetracked so easily!  So, we put the desk against the “empty” wall so that when you stand by the desk, this is what you see:

I suppose that this, in the grand scheme of life, has temporarily created the feel of an entryway?  No matter what, can’t add much else in this area!  Maybe a mirror or something on that empty wall straight ahead.  Whenever the brothers move out, we’ll move the desk back and then create another plan. But don’t get me wrong! I actually really enjoy looking up from studying and seeing my amazing wedding photos.

Lesson learned?  More FRAMES!!!!! I’m addicted and I want more! I need more. Especially to fix that business going on along the bottom edge… and extend it out the sides 🙂  Hint: my birthday’s coming up, friends!

Sorry, Hubby, I found new love…

9 Sep

Let me tell you about one of my most-favorite things in the world.  If I didn’t have to pursue more realistic dreams work, I would be all over this thing all day, everyday.  For any family members reading this, sorry for being so vague.

Readers (the 5 of you, at least), let me introduce you to Pinterest.  Now, my closest friends already know about this, because I haven’t been able to shut up about it all summer long.  I probably add it to half of my daily conversations.  And I should add that I joined because Molly S. told me about a WONDERFUL, ADDICTING blog called Young House Love.  A number of you were already on Pinterest by the time I got on.  I’m pretty sure that when I first joined, there were like 11 people that popped on my friends list and now it’s quadrupled!!!! And no, it wasn’t ALL because of me — HAH, I don’t have THAT many friends.  It’s probably grown so much because of it’s super awesome-ness!

It is basically a database for all those images you come across while you’re browsing the Internet – whether it’s clothes, shoes, design ideas, recipes, or so on.  While wasting time being productive on the Internet, you can “pin” images from that website you’re perusing so that when you log back onto Pinterest, everything you pinned comes up on your home page!!!  And the love-cherry on top?  When you click on the image, it takes you back to the original website!  I know, I know… it’s so AWESOME that you can hardly contain your excitement… oh wait, that might only be me.

Also, you get to see what your friends are finding and steal their ideas.  Or you can go to the “Everyone” page to see what images people you don’t know are posting, which are usually somewhat relevant to your taste… People have so many gosh darn good ideas!

Therefore, my next couple of posts will probably be dedicated to the little things I did around the house, based on things I’ve “pinned.”

By the way, let me take this time to explain some stuff on the website (because Hubby was confused — even though it’s probably because his short-term memory is just as bad as mine lately).  If you want me to love you forever, look to the right and you can “Follow Me” by providing your e-mail address.  Therefore, whenever I have a new post up, it will alert you by e-mail!  Also, please make me the happiest girl in the world and leave a comment so I know you stopped by!  You all know how easily pleased I am!

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