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Day of Birth Shindigs!

26 Oct

Normally, I hate to gloat or show off, but when you have AMAZING friends, it’s really hard not to give them the credit they deserve!  Hubby and NinaP planned a wonderful dinner for me and kept most of it a surprise!  I love surprises, they make me feel grateful and happy and excited all at once — you really feel the love when you see who all come out to support you!

Quick note:  Hubby showed me later that when NinaP sent the first e-mail to him about planning the shindig, the subject stated: “Nina’s Birth of Day.”

Now, if you know NinaP, you know that we rarely let her get by with her word jumbles – they occur frequently and they are great for adding laughter (we’re not laughing AT you, btw) and the frequency is often a tie between her and HU.

Since I already shared about my birthday booties, I’ll get on with it!

I got a surprise visit from Wendy L. and Henry H. at my home Friday night… and they further surprised me with a present!!!! She came over the night before because she wouldn’t be able to make it to dinner, since she was going to be driving to Washington, D.C. for school.  Leaving me for a month. bummer.

In order to show me that she was an avid fan of my blog and Pinterest… and maybe because she was sending a hint after helping me on the desk project…. she got me this wonderful toy:

Ohhhhh baby. The projects I could do in a smaller amount of time.  I didn’t share this, but after the Desk post, I got a text message from David Y., begging me to not sand large objects by hand anymore because he would loan me a sander in the future.  I love friends – always looking out for you!  But to OWN one – score!

On Saturday, before the birthday dinner, baby brother’s girlfriend gave me a Starbucks gift card, which I could ALWAYS use!!! AND my wonderful-parents-in-law got me this super soft, super big, microplush navy blue throw that had caught my eye recently – PERFECTION!  I literally opened it up, after reading the card, of course, and sat down on the couch just to snuggle with myself and my new throw!  All smiles here!

For dinner, we went to a new (for me) place called Garlic Thai Sushi, located in downtown Decatur, and I must say – they were EXTREMELY accommodating and left me impressed.  NinaP and Hubby had a count of attendees going, but with a couple of unexpected additions (always a welcome surprise!), we had to extend our party from 16 to 23!!!!!  I thought the waiter would want to pull his hair out, but he didn’t have any.  But he was all smiles and so extremely nice!  I am still sorry that I couldn’t give him a piece of cake… but we didn’t have any more!  I’m sorry nice-waiter-from-the-restaurant.

Nina^2 (NinaSquared)

Allan, Allan's gf, Adam, Andrew

James (NinaP's fiancee), Phan, Phan's gf & David K

Amanda R, Alex C, Hubby

Pabs, Kate P, Poom, Kevin M

Will N, Laura Lee, Sexy Rexy

The food, yummmm… For example, Sexy Rexy (the awesome redhead above) got the pineapple fried rice — and it really came out in a hollowed-out pineapple bowl — and James and NinaP got soup that came with fire blowing up in the middle!

Again, the amount of love I felt that night can be described as gargantuan… epic… colossal… titanic… humungo — that’s right, the love coming towards me was so immense that I have to use synonyms for the same word to try to explain it.  Perhaps, you’re noting my extreme dorkiness… I wish I could say that it’s seldom.  But that would be a lie.  And I don’t like liars.  Ohhhhh no, no, no… the MORE you get know me, the MORE dorkiness you have to endure.

In addition, the number of trick candles on my cake lit up the entire room. The. Entire. Room.

So. Many. Candles!

For any of you that attended, I am sorry if I spit all over the cake – it was the trick candles, I promise!!!!

Gifts? Gifts! My goodness, I couldn’t believe the gifts I receive!  First of all, I got a beautiful watch from Hubby.  Kevin M helped out on that – he deserves a shout out 😉  But yeah, we originally had a Citizen Eco-Drive watch, because I loved the concept….

….. but, um… yeeeeeaaahhhh, the watch I pointed to in the store did NOT look as good on my wrist….. so we exchanged it for a cheaper one that I LOVE!  And that my friend, is a Win-Win!!!

I fell in love with this Seiko watch – which runs off of solar energy.  No more nasty button batteries that have the potential to erode any child’s esophagus without you even knowing.  I am so in love with my new watch that I was very reluctant to take it off before going to bed.

Moving on, I got ANOTHER Starbucks gift card from David P… LUCKY me!!!! I seriously am so happy about them!  In addition, I got a Michael’s gift card from Kate and Pabs!  I’m uber excited to spend that as well… woo hoo! Kate and Pabs ALSO got me a beautiful red-printed apron and I am in LOVE with the pattern on it!

HU got me a beautiful gray and black sleeveless dress from Express (haha, it rhymes!) and Hubby is excited about the length of this dress…… I’m just looking for an excuse to wear it!

This dress length is not accurate.

This super lucky gal also received TWO books: Ellen DeGeneres’ Seriously… Just Kidding from David K, which if it is anything like Tina Fey’s Bossypants, I am set for life because there are so many life lessons to share with my future kids (haha)!!!

And NinaP got me Design*Sponge!!!!!!!  It is a 400-page tell-all of designer Grace Bonney‘s ideas and inspirations, which was just released this year…. and is a wonderful surprise addition to my absolutely-non-existent-designer-books-collection.

Last, but definitely not least, I also received a Galaxy Tab and case!!! I know, super duper excitement… like jumping-up-and-down-in-my-seat-like-a-6-year-old-girl-who-just-received-her-first-Barbie-excitement.  I’ll let you all guess who got it for me, and I don’t think it’s rested from a person’s hand since I opened it up when I got home.

I’m sure you guys are bored by now…. but now I get to move on to Sunday = Actual birthday!  My parents came in to town and conveniently (?), my dad had a golf tournament at Stone Mountain.  So, he got to spend the day doing his favorite thing while my mom and I did ours… shopping!  We filled the day with shopping-by-mom/lustfully-looking-at-everything-for-myself at Lenox Mall and I had so much fun.  Shopping is tiring though, don’t you guys think?  I always find myself needing a cup of coffee (yay, Starbucks gift cards!) and then I sleep extremely well later that night.

Once we met up with my dad, my family went to eat dinner at Allan’s choice of restaurant (because his birthday is in a few days and my parents weren’t going to be here on that actual day) — and I showed my dad the Galaxy Tab.  This man, as much as I love him, is TERRIBLE with technology.  Like, he has to be reminded how to check his voicemail.  Yeah. Wrap your head around that one (ONE… get it? HAH. b/c you have to hold ONE to check your voicemail?  ………cricket noises).  But, as soon as I introduced Angry Birds to him, he. was. hooked.  He ate dinner while playing the game and the rest of the family talked… and if that weren’t funny enough, my mom stole it from him as soon as she was finished!  Then, we had TWO parents looking over the screen! My parents crack me up… seriously, they don’t seem close to their actual age AT ALL.

All in all…. pretty. freaking. awesome. birthday.  I think one of the best EVER.  Thanks Hubby.  Thanks NinaP.  Thanks EVERYONE…. I hope you know how much I love you —- and want to carry you all on my shoulders… until the end of time.

Sigh….. so content right now……. Time for a hot chocolate!


I just realized that, as usual, Hubby and I don’t have any pictures together.  I don’t know how we do it – we only have a handful of GOOD photos, with the exception of the wedding, and I always forget to US.  Sorry, dude. Love you!

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