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Year 1: Overview

27 Apr

I realize I’m 1 month, 6 weeks, and 4 days behind.. but I forgot to share a very important and personal detail about our anniversary! (remember our Savannah trip?)  With the first anniversary gift being paper, I wanted to find a personalized piece for Chris – something that made sense to us and would make us laugh years down the road.  So, back in January, I saw Sapling Press pop up on Joss & Main and found a few pieces I liked.  I immediately jumped on that like white on rice. (stop laughing because I’m Asian… I couldn’t find a better way to emphasize the enthusiasm!) I followed Sapling Press to their etsy page and realized that they make cute and hilarious “We Go Like…” pieces.  So, I contacted Lisa and asked her about customizing a flat  notecard that I could frame.

Confession, we are known full-fledged lovers of The Office (don’t even get us started on post-Michael details, though)… and one of our favorite episodes involves this clip:


This clip has brought us so much joy over the years and brings me or Chris out of our funks.  You know, whenever we’re feeling funky.  Anyhow, Lisa responded quickly and was incredibly helpful since I was ordering online.  And now I am proud to say that it hangs on our White Wall – and I smile when I pass by it:

I apologize for the poor quality - low lighting does not compliment a single photo I take in our house!

Note: While looking back on Sapling Press, I found some like ours, but smaller (We have a 5×7 version) – click here if interested!

So, our year in review: if I could choose just one word, I’d say: FUN.  Like Ninaroo commented here, waking up and falling asleep with your best friend is just the bee’s knees. Naturally, there are fights and annoying things that happen, and we get in bad moods… but no matter what, they don’t last long and great things occur far more than the silly, stupid moments. So much has changed in the past year, but this year is bringing just as much change – and we welcome it with open arms.  It’s interesting to see how situations are  handled and to learn from each other, as well as from our mistakes.  Most of all, it’s just fun creating a home with my better half.

Is that enough sappiness for you?  Yeah, I don’t like that stuff much either, so I understand 😉

On a funnier note, if you’re an Office fan, here’s a funnier blooper for “Frank and Beans”:

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

17 Mar

You guys are so good to me!  I don’t know who all you are, but you have no idea how happy it makes me to see that you guys check our blog for new updates and posts!!! As always, I am so sorry to leave you all hanging and keeping mum.  But, please know I think of the blog ALL the time so it’s not because I don’t want to!

So, shall we get on to it, then?  I do have a bit of a fun stuff for you all – no DIY stuff, unfortunately.  But Chris and I hit our 1 year anniversary on the 12th! Woot!  I still can’t believe it’s been a year — it feels like we’ve been doing this forever, but at the same time, the time has flown by!  Since getting married, Chris has said good-bye to the insurance business and hello to an amazing company where he gets to do e-commerce and I graduated, became a licensed professional, and have entered graduate school to help all the little kids  in the world – or at least, my world 😉

Luckily, since I got married during my spring break last year, our anniversary fell on the Monday of my spring break this year!  It sounds weird to say it as a 26-year-old, but I’m sad it’s my last spring break ever.  Yes, yes, I can definitely hear you scoffing over there.

Anyhow, Chris managed to get a couple days off so we could make it to Savannah, Georgia.  SIGH.  It was the perfect time of year because the flowers were in full bloom and the weather was just phenomenal!  We got there on Sunday and Hubby’s allergies went into overtime and I put the poor guy on allergy medicine, sinus reliever, and Mucinex.  Couldn’t have him develop sinusitis while we were there, now could we?  So, this was my view, the whole time:

Please don't hate me for putting this up!

Despite the allergies and since Hubby is a solid trooper, we still basked, ooh’ed, and ahhh’d over the beautiful sights like this (warning: lots of pictures!):

Beautiful trees full of Spanish moss, which are not from Spain at all, btdubs

This is where the term "keeping up with the Jones's" originated from: Jones Street. I wouldn't mind living here myself!

Firehouse Bell from a long, long time ago

Excited to see the Forsyth Park fountain!

In front of the new Forsyth Park Amphitheater

Walking around at the City Market

From our hotel room

By the river - Savannah was getting ready for the 2012 St. Patrick's hullabaloo!

This time around, we didn’t stay by the historic river front, we stayed a new up-and-coming hotel, called Avia.

Avia, overlooking Ellis Park and the City Market

We also had wonderful friends who took time out of their busy days to personally write a list of things to do and places to eat in Savannah (B.B. and Tyler had lived in Savannah for a year) with specifics. Therefore, finding places to eat was fairly easy!  She had also recommended we watch the Clint Eastwood movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which we watched on the way down (no worries, I watched and Chris listened!) since it was set in Savannah – they filmed for 8 days there according to the DVD extras.  In addition, we love trolley tours and don’t think we’ll ever tire of them because they give such wonderful insight into the history of the wonderful town we’ve grown to love.

The Mercer House from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Our Old Savannah Trolley Tour Bus

And, of course, who could forget about the food? Mmmmmm glorious food.

Beers and Mozzarella Sticks at Molly MacPherson's - and yes, that bottle of deliciousness is called the "Kilt Lifter"

We were so sad that Sol was closed after all that walking! (Not open on Sundays or Mondays, fyi)

Ginormous pizzas and beers at Vinnie Van Go-Go's after miles of walking! (Cash only if you go!)

Huey's on historic River Street - New Orleans food! Thanks, CC for telling me about this!

Guinness and Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream at Leopold's

The aftermath of my steamed crab legs from Dockside by the river ... sooo delicious, but so messy!

Clary's from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - well-known for their breakfast food!

With all that eating and walking around, Hubby and I had such a wonderful time and it was just what we needed.  I still can’t believe it’s been a year… but it’s quite safe to say that I still love this man and can’t imagine where I’d be without him:

Naturally, we couldn’t forget about good old Kade, who was anxiously anticipating our return:

Dog Biscuits for Kade!

Thanks for continuing to check in on me during my absence!  Really feeling the love <3!

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