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Latest Hit: Crunchwrap Supreme

5 Feb

We’ve had a very popular dish at our house lately… not healthy, but popular.

And when I posted a picture to my Instagram (ninasquared) ~3 months ago:


By popular demand, I am writing up a quick tutorial how-to!  (All of this is based on this link from Pinterest; and the original is from Busy Mama Bird)

1. Lay out your supplies.  Other than cooking the ground beef, it’s a DIY food project for everyone.  You can put on whatever you’d like, so I just lay out all the toppings that you’d normally like on a taco.  The only extra added ingredients are (1) nacho cheese sauce, (2) largest tortillas you can find, and (3) flat taco shells a.k.a. tostadas.


I had Chris play hand model to show how he likes to make his, going left to right:


With a house full of boys, it’s important to note that these crunchwrap supremes get pretty fat.  And I am the designated tortilla folder.  Just start on one side and fold up as you go around the tortilla.  In addition, you can do what we normally do and have an extra tortilla martyr to take pieces off of to help enclose the crunchwrap supreme.

You can tell in the top right picture below that if we didn’t lay down the small piece of tortilla, the edges of the large tortilla would not have closed the crunchwrap supreme enough, making it much more difficult to eat.

And finally, always start cooking with folded edges down FIRST.  If you heat the pan up as people begin their creations, you can minimize the cooking time.  Cooking on the pan is crucial to melting the nacho cheese and shredded cheese, but most importantly, gives the crunch in crunchwrap supreme.


And voilà!

Let me know if you guys try it out and how you like it… hope it’s a hit in your house like it is in ours!

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