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Blue and Yellow

31 Oct

You know? Like the song:


But imagine yours truly singing it with BLUE and yellow ūüôā

That’s right! I’ve been working on the guest bedroom! ¬†And, with the exception of working on the other furniture pieces, which will be made possible with Wendy L’s birthday gift, I think it’s getting awfully close now.

So, to see what I started with, click here. ¬†It’ll take you back to painting the walls and trying to keep it “manly” enough for Andrew to reside in. ¬†And then, you can click here¬†to reference the desk again.

Since then, I came across some goodies. ¬†Back story (as usual): ¬†I was finally able to empty out the storage unit after about 11 months. ¬†And since our almost-1100 square foot townhome can’t possibly fit any more furniture, I gave it all away (my parents told me to trash it, but I couldn’t bear the thought) to close friends in need. ¬†I did manage to keep some belongings – and now we have to shuffle boxes and big objects around in the storage closet in order to get to anything else – but that’s okay! I have a lot of wonderful things and it’s really hard for me to throw things away.

On the flip side, it was a good thing I don’t throw things away! ¬†I came across some navy blue curtains from me and Allan’s apartment my first year living in Atlanta (I had red curtains, his room had navy blue), and I realized that I could do yellow and navy blue for the guest bedroom! ¬†I love when ideas fall into my lap — especially considering that I seem to be so incredibly forgetful. ¬†And I think I’ll save my gray and yellow theme for the master bedroom.

Speaking of things falling into my lap… or running into them… I was shopping with Nina P and HU and we went to Target to kill some time. ¬†And I ran into super simple white comforter set with stripes in multiple shades of blue on the bottom half of it.

For a queen size comforter + a set a shams on clearance for $19.99…. consider it SOLD! ¬†Gotta love clearance sales, baby! ¬†I was MORE than willing to replace the old light blue comforter that has been in our family for TOO LONG.

Here’s a picture to set a reminder… consider it a blast from the past.

mmm…. clutter…. (It’s okay, Andrew)

Here’s the new room!

Sorry about the lack of white balance and clarity… the point-and-shoot camera was a gift from Hubby-then-Boyfriend about 4 years ago… and I feel like it’s really dying on me. ¬†It was a WONDERFUL camera for a long long time though! But the ISO on it has become a serious stinker.

Here’s a close(r) up of the comforter… straight on.

Plain. Simple. Perfect.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how well this thing lasts – I’m not expecting too too much. ¬†It was $20 after all… the outside isn’t as downy soft as it might appear… and it IS white… and in a BOY’S room… a boy who frequently plays sports outdoors… sigh. ¬†I’m sure you’ll hear my ranting soon enough.

Anyhow, I am working on figuring out some personalized pieces for the wall and once I am brave enough, I will show you the other side of the room Рwith all 3 mismatched pieces of furniture.  EEK!

Actually, on that note, and in the spirit of Halloween, I’ll leave you with a funny and completely unflattering¬†picture of me and Chris at Gwinnett Medical Center – Duluth. ¬†We went with his¬†rotary¬†to see a presentation about the DaVinci¬†robotic surgery tool. ¬†It’s pretty freaking awesome. ¬†All those kids that play video games like crazy right now may find the potential work this stuff. Anyhow, we’re gowned up to go into the operating room.

Happy Halloween!

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