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Microsoft Word + Valentine’s Day

24 Feb

Weird combination, right? There’s purpose, I promise!

I forgot to mention what I got for Chris for our first Valentine’s Day (selfish me!!) – which wasn’t much, but personal.  I got him a UGA beer mug and am working on finding him a UGA coffee mug for his office desk.  But the biggest thing I forgot to share was his homemade Valentine’s Day Card, which I made using this tutorial, which I got from – wait for it – Pinterest! I know, gasp! surprise! intrigue! Ha.

So, basically it went like this:

(1) I began with using Microsoft Word and wrote “Precious Love” over and over again in the font that I wanted.  I chose that phrase because it was the name of our first dance on wedding night (almost a year ago already!), so it holds sentimental feelings for both of us.  (by the way it’s by James Morrison)

(2) Once I had it typed and spaced out how I liked, I tried using the directions the tutorial gave me, but I couldn’t get it to work.  I’m not sure if it was because I have a Macbook Pro instead.  But I got around it but taking a screen shot (Command + Shift + 3 for any Apple users) and cropping that screen shot image down to this:

"Precious Love" Screen Shot


(3) Besides Step #2, I had no other issues and was able to follow the tutorial until the end.  I didn’t take any more pictures of the rest, but I basically used Word’s auto shapes option and picked a heart.

(4) Click the option to format your auto shape and use the saved image as your “fill effect.”   Then you end up with something like this:

Bada bing. Bada boom.  Move everything around and customize it (I may have added “Nina Earnest, Inc 2012” to my own) however you’d like and print onto Card Stock! Bada bing. Bada boom! Yes, I am pretending to be Italian each time I say this.

Note: It looks a little pixelated on this computer screen, but did not when I printed it onto card stock.

So, just a little something fun and different for the ones you love – friends or significant others.

Before I leave you for the weekend, remember when I mentioned Colortopia and how I loved the option of using a favorite picture to help you create a color swatch for your home? There’s another website sponsored by Sherwin Williams called Let’s Chip It that allows you to do the same thing.  Just for anyone who likes options like I do.  Enjoy your weekend!  And keep Nina & James in your thoughts during their travel for safe journey-ing! Sigh – honeymoons, gotta love them!  And I know she’s super duper excited about starting up more with the blog.  She’s slightly overwhelmed with where to start – which I understand.  That girl’s full of good ideas!

Color Block

19 Jan

Recently, I came across this:

Glidden got together with big-time bloggers who get to voice input on Colortopia’s blog.  One of my favorite bloggers is Ana White, who has hundreds of step-by-step tutorials on woodwork from vanities and bookshelves to bed frames and toys.  I don’t follow the person in the picture above, but isn’t it funny that this pattern is popping up yet again? It’s the same one from the wedding at Monteluce Winery that a neighbor-friend and I fell in love with.  And came up on Joss & Main recently as well.  And on Pinterest.  Side note.

Anyways, I love it because they have a little quiz (you know how much I love these home style quizzes!) where you answer a couple questions and they give you a color palette:

And if you choose one of your favorite colors, they provide some others that go along and within the same color scheme.

Fun, huh? I mostly like that they give you color schemes to match a color you may love.  Some of the colors, I would never go with, like the peachy one on the bottom left or grayish-pink on the bottom right, but I do love some of the others.

Finally, I think one of my favorite features is this one:

I haven’t tried it yet, but Katie from Bower Power has and now I can’t wait to find an image to try! That is, when I can finally muster up the will to paint walls again.  I’m just trying to keep up with the clutter and shedding in our humble abode.  Hope you enjoy!

Psst.  I’m hosting NinaP and James’ Wedding Shower this weekend and I can’t wait to share the details with you! I’ve been keeping up with a rough draft of that post with ongoing planning so I wouldn’t forget the little things. Trying. I’m not perfect. 

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