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A Very Full Christmas: Earnest Edition

1 Jan

Yes, in terms of food as well as our hearts.  I got incredibly lucky this year… Melissa and I both had new jobs, so we needed to stick around Atlanta instead of going to Illinois.  And since my parents close their store for the Christmas Day, they got to join us at Chris’s parent’s house. One big, happy family under the same roof… which hasn’t happened since we were married in 2011.  It was an intoxicatingly happy feeling for me!  I can’t believe it took us almost 2 years to get all of us together again, but we all vowed to not let it happen again (New Year’s resolution?).

Since I love photos more than words:

Mama E's decorations

Presents under our tree

Presents under our tree

Earnest Tree

But, even better (sorry if it’s super grainy… had to use a zoom lens and not my 50mm to capture everything…. which is why you should never purchase stock lenses btw):





One of the best parts of all?  Watching Allan open his “big gift” from Andrew and I: An XBox to take to Texas with him!


Chris carving the beautifully roasted turkey:

Turkey Gobble

UPDATEThank you so much for all your beautiful cards and notes, we’ve enjoyed having them up in our home!  We send all our love your way…. 

Christmas Cards 2013

Christmas Cards 2013

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and memorable moments leading you into the new year… Happy 2013!!! Exciting things to come our way!

Christmas 2012

23 Dec

Last time I mentioned Christmas, I left you hanging….

I attempted to look for beautiful white lights.  I searched high and low (but honestly, just online) and my nearest Target claimed to have some in stores.  Wrong.

So I caved and bought multi-colored lights for another year.  Just for you, honey.  But honestly, it’s not the lights that make the house feel like Christmas — the tree still looks beautiful and smells fantastic.

And we are just lucky that Kade can’t fit under the tree to drink the water.

Here’s an update at the beauty we get to stare at from the couch….  Note: Thanks Bona for taking these pictures!

Christmas Tree 2012

O Christmas Tree

Cute, I know.

Allan even got into the action...

Allan even got in on the action… Since Bona took the pictures, I found a lot of pictures of Allan…..

By the way… only in a house with 3 boys (4 if you include Kade) would you find this on your tree:


This pretty much speaks for itself….

Note: No editing done

Note: No editing done

But, no matter what…. it gives me an excuse to play with my Canon:

Pretty, Pretty Lights

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Chris & Kade

Cards For Dalton

13 Dec

I came across something on my Twitter feed this morning…

Cards for Dalton

and did a little googling and found a Facebook page as well.

This little 9-year-old boy, Dalton Dingus, has Cystic Fibrosis and has a short life expectancy.  As a matter of fact, all he asked for this Christmas, after being sent home with all medical supplies to rest comfortably, was to break the world record for number of received Christmas Cards.  Even though he passed his goal of 35,000 he wants to make sure that his numbers stick around for a while (last count was 37,000).

This is a picture (from this source) from his living room:

Cards For Dalton_WTVR

You can bet he’s getting one from Atlanta, Georgia!

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner……. !!!!

12 Dec

I absolutely cannot believe that Christmas just less than 2 weeks away.  With this new job, I haven’t had much time to get things done as swiftly as I would like… but we are now in full force.

With glitches, of course.  What is life without glitches?

Confession #1: Chris and I have barely scraped the surface with our Christmas shopping.  We detest the malls around this time of year.  We’ve never been Black Friday shoppers.  We will drive the extra 4 miles just to bypass the mall.  We love online shopping.

Confession #2: Sorry, Chris, I did actually start shopping for you.

Confession #3: We were about a week behind putting up a tree.  Mostly because we took our time (too much time) wavering between real or continuing with our fake one.  And then we finally found time one evening to get the ornaments up….. until, wop wop, we realized that our lights are out.

Now, if you know Chris, you know that he bought his very own tree (the same one we used last year) for his very own room in high school just so that he could have the multi-colored lights on them.  Because Mama E loves white lights.  Girl after my own heart… I love white lights as well.  I reluctantly agreed to let Chris have his multi-colored lights this year as long as we could have white lights for the rest of our lives 😉

You can imagine my letdown when we plugged those bad boys into multiple outlets and they didn’t light up.  HA. But honestly, half of me was A-Okay with this situation.  The other half of me thought: well, crap. Where in the world can I find lights 2 week away from Christmas???  I’ll let you know after I go out hunting today. 

In the meantime, I wanted to show you the tiny little changes we made around the house in order to get our minds prepared……

Christmas Decor

Note:  I didn’t really get to edit these pictures to my liking… but time is of the essence when Christmas is around the corner!!! 

Tulips in White

Makeshift Mantle

Shelves for Christmas

Kitchen Bar

Until I can get an update on the tree situation, good luck with the upcoming holidays to everyone!

Are you as ready as I am?

9 Jan

Are you guys as ready as I am to say goodbye to the holidays and hello to Spring?!?  Don’t get me wrong, you’ll soon see why I cannot wait for next year’s Christmas… but seeing beautiful pastel colors have me singing for Spring… however, before we can move along, I must share my new additions for Christmas 2012!

Here’s the full effect:

Note: Seeing the floor alone make my feet cold… Wishlist: heated flooring like Ana White’s!

So, I’ll try to go left-to-right, top-to-bottom…

Gift Wrap 4-pack: $3 (original $6) from Target

Gift Wrap singles: $1.22/each (original $2.44) from Walmart

Tissue Paper (1 38-count and 1 30-count): $1.50/each (original $3) from Target

Gift Tags: $0.50/each (original $0.97) from Walmart

Christmas Snow Roll: 1.79 (original $5.97) from Michael’s

Large velvet roll: $1.48 (original $2.97) from Walmart

Smaller red roll: $1.22 (original $2.44) from Walmart

Whitish silver roll: $2 (original $4) from Target

All other rolls: $0.63/each (original $1.27) from Walmart

Red with silver yarn: $1.19 (original $3.97) from Michael’s

Mini Bow Pack: $2 (original $4) from Target

Winter Home: $4 (forgot the original price) from HomeGoods

Stocking Holders: $3/each (original $6) from Walmart

Tinsel: $0.50/each (original $1) from Target

Christmas Dishtowels: $0.99/each (original $1.98) from Walmart

Gold pinecones/vase fillers: $3 (forgot the original price) from HomeGoods

Glass Christmas tree-shaped Cookie Jar: $2.06 (original $4.12) from Walmart

Christmas stencils: $0.48 (original $0.97) from Walmart

Berry Wreath: $10 (original $20) from Target – this was my one big splurge

Pink mini ornaments: $1.63/each (original $3.27) from Walmart

Curly ornament hooks: $2 (original $4) from Target

Dog Stocking: $2.48 (original $4.97) from Walmart

5-pack gift boxes: $1.50/each (original $3) from Walmart

WHEW! As you can see, I did a lot of damage at Target, Walmart, Michael’s and HomeGoods 🙂

Here are the final totals:

Target: $34.02

Walmart: $32.81

Michael’s: $3.19

HomeGoods: $7.56

Total: $77.58

In all honesty, should probably have held back a little (see my 2012 resolution here), but this is also the same reason I am über excited about Christmas 2012!  It DOES make me feel better that everything I bought was between 50-80% off…. ouch, imagine if I had bought all that BEFORE Christmas!

Oh, right – and where did I store it all? I originally purchased a 66qt Sterlite at Target on sale for $6.99, but found a 3-pack of 18 gallon black storage containers for $11.77 at Lowe’s.  I got an email advertising the containers and when it rang up for $15 and some change, I nicely showed the cashier the email on my phone and he adjusted the price for us. Woot! 

Note: My in-laws are nice enough to let us store our containers in their attic.. we brought home 2 when we put things up after Thanksgiving and stored 5 back in their attic for Christmas 2012!

Seeing how we’re already 9 days into the new year and I’m just now posting this, I’ll explain why tomorrow! I’ll give you a hint: 1866.

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