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Let There Be Light

14 Feb

The Earnest household is shaking a little right now… so distraction is proving to be the best thing for the moment.

This e-card from Christy and Ava helps:

Valentine's Day Card



Whenever my mother comes into town, she comments on how dark our house is… and I was starting to agree.  I feel like we had to turn on all the lights all the time just to get some decent lighting.  Therefore, I decided to change the lights to a brighter, whiter light when I painted the office.


These lights are CFLs, so they give you the power of 60W while just using 13W.  The prices aren’t bad either… a 4-pack for ~$8.  The biggest different is that these are deemed “Bright White” instead of “Soft White,” so they have a 3500K warmth as opposed to 2700K.  Chris thought it was a little less intense than the “Daylights” at 5000K and I agreed with him, since the space isn’t incredibly large.

Light Deets

And…. we loved it.  And, by “we” I mean “me.”  Chris says he likes the yellow lights more.  But it makes me so happy to see white light… so I responded, “I hear you and I understand, but I am going to change ALL the lights now.. mmk?”  Chris (shakes head): “Okay. Whatever you say.”

So I bought 3 more backs, the only difference being they were 900 lumens vs. 800 lumens as above.  According to the packaging, I shouldn’t have to worry about these lights again until after we should be moved out of here.

And for a (blurry) side-by-side, while ignoring the in-progress blah bathroom:

Yellow vs. White

I love the brighter, whiter lights and am so happy to have gotten rid of them all.


And, for the life lesson of the moment:  this brush does not work for my hair:

Not My Style

Confirmed it.

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