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Your Average Thursday… NOT

10 Feb

So, I got to experience this:

YHL Amazing-ness

some serious cheesing on my end

That’s right…. Mind. BLOWN!  After working all day, an alumni happy hour event for Emory, and an hour and half wait in line…. I got to meet John & Sherry from Young House Love!  You may have noticed their names pop up throughout my posts because they, along with Katie from Bower Power, were the reasons I wanted to keep track of things I did around the house.  They both write as if they are speaking directly to you, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised at how welcoming they were in person.  They were so amazing and so kind!

I have to admit, I was kinda nervous right before going up to meet them, so there may have been random words thrown around and my mind was a complete flurry of mess.  When Sherry learned my name, she asked if I was a twin… I let them know that I had the next best thing – a best friend named Nina!  I thought it was a hilarious question as John kindly explained that Sherry believes all Nina’s are twins.  Ha!  Sherry also complimented me on my outfit, which, coming from the queen of color-pops…. MADE. MY. WEEK!

But the cherry on top?  Katie and Jeremy were in another corner, with their own line, and with new baby Weston.  When I got up to Katie, the event was nearly over and I don’t know if it was the free wine that Flor provided for us, or the sheer joy of it all giving me helium-brain, but it was almost surreal to have Katie Bower (!!!) joking with me.  We talked about my pants (again!) and then how Chris and her brother in law both work at Case Mate.  We laughed, we joked, we complimented each other and I cannot tell you how hilarious she was.  I even had to apologize to Sherry for holding Katie up because YHL had finished while a group of girls were still waiting their turn to have a picture and autograph with Katie.


Yes, I realize that the pictures are blurry, but the memory is still there!  The picture on the right is right after she shoved my butt up in front trying to hide everything but her face, so we made up for it by diva’ing it up.

Thank you guys for everything!  Meeting you all in person makes me adore you more… and I can’t wait to see what all you guys do in the future! 

Other fun things to note: 

Loved this girl taking pictures for everyone…. and yes, I made sure to tell her that not everyone can pull off a one-piece like that.

Outfit Love

Creepin’ a little

Shout out to some new girls I met while waiting in line.  These two had just met that night too, believe it or not:

Keeping Warm!

A Bit Windy….


Color Block

19 Jan

Recently, I came across this:

Glidden got together with big-time bloggers who get to voice input on Colortopia’s blog.  One of my favorite bloggers is Ana White, who has hundreds of step-by-step tutorials on woodwork from vanities and bookshelves to bed frames and toys.  I don’t follow the person in the picture above, but isn’t it funny that this pattern is popping up yet again? It’s the same one from the wedding at Monteluce Winery that a neighbor-friend and I fell in love with.  And came up on Joss & Main recently as well.  And on Pinterest.  Side note.

Anyways, I love it because they have a little quiz (you know how much I love these home style quizzes!) where you answer a couple questions and they give you a color palette:

And if you choose one of your favorite colors, they provide some others that go along and within the same color scheme.

Fun, huh? I mostly like that they give you color schemes to match a color you may love.  Some of the colors, I would never go with, like the peachy one on the bottom left or grayish-pink on the bottom right, but I do love some of the others.

Finally, I think one of my favorite features is this one:

I haven’t tried it yet, but Katie from Bower Power has and now I can’t wait to find an image to try! That is, when I can finally muster up the will to paint walls again.  I’m just trying to keep up with the clutter and shedding in our humble abode.  Hope you enjoy!

Psst.  I’m hosting NinaP and James’ Wedding Shower this weekend and I can’t wait to share the details with you! I’ve been keeping up with a rough draft of that post with ongoing planning so I wouldn’t forget the little things. Trying. I’m not perfect. 

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