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Go, go, go shawty, it’s your birthday…..

22 Oct

What better way  to celebrate a birthday than to get something you REALLY REALLY wanted for yourself? Just. because. you. can.  It all started with a Target commercial I caught on the DVR – I saw these shoes at a distance and it got 0.01 seconds of screen time, but I paused just so I could take a mental picture – *click!*.  It was nearing the end of summer when the commercial ran and they were advertising for their Fall collection.

Therefore, the search began………………………………………………. and kept going…. and going….

After weeks of stalking the website, Target only came out with these – but I wanted to wedge version!  The wedged version of these suede boots were the ones that made my heart race and my mouth drool…. (can you tell I’m more of a shoe kinda person? When it comes to shoes vs bags?)

See what I mean?  Not bad for $25 buckaroos, but when it’s not something I’m drooling going after, I hate to spend that money.  Which makes me feel that I should disclose this:  I don’t shop often, but when I want something and it costs me a pretty penny, I will walk away (yeah! I know! Self-control working to the limit!) and IF I continue to think about that article of clothing, THEN I will go back and purchase it and wear it for the next 3-4 years. (I’m sure Hubby doesn’t agree with me and thinks I spend more often than that, but that’s MY story and I’m sticking to it ;))

I searched high and low, from Target to Neiman Marcus, but with ZERO luck…. until WHAM! Express had them.

Naturally, I pinned it.

But I had to wait… Do you see my dilemma?  They were $108!!! WAAAAAY too much for me, not only to mention that they were from Express – who offers coupons galore.

So, again, I waited and waited…. and waited.  Until COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND – 30% off PLUS an extra $15 off from orders >$75… brought me down to $60.60 +tax/shipping! Imagine me dancing in my seat and singing to 50 Cent: oh yeah, It’s my birthday, gonna party like it’s my birthday!!!!

That title post should make sense to you now – welcome to my brain.

As I stared at the total, I remembered that this was still more than the $25 Target boots (pictured at the top)… what to do?  …..thank goodness for brothers… I VERY SWEETLY asked if they wanted to just give me cash for my birthday instead of having to buy presents —- and they answered YES!

That brought me to a grand total of $33.40 for them!!!!!! Nearly 70% off… now THAT’S a deal 🙂

And that, my friends, is how I began celebrating my 26th birthday! Yay!

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