About Us!!!

Nina Ryu (Park) and Nina Earnest (Choi) met in Chem Lab at University of Georgia in 2004. When Nina Ryu (aka Little Nina, Smarter Nina, Patient Nina) consistently had to hand-deliver Nina Earnest’s (aka Big Nina, Off-The-Wall Nina, Crazy Nina) assignments (seriously? We are Asian but we look nothing alike! It’s probably because that TA hated Nina E), we eventually got to talking.  Little talking led to hanging out and realizing our similarities, such as our majors: Biology and Microbiology.

Before we knew it, we were celebrating birthdays, graduations, and weddings together and signing our cards with “Love,  √(Nina)” hence the name NinaSquared.  Oh, did we mention that we are major nerds?  It is also important to mention that our best friend, Hyang Un, plays a MAJOR role in our lives too… without her, we are incomplete.  She and Nina were friends before I came along, but she has been by our side at every single one of those birthdays, graduations, and in our weddings.

As of 2012, we are proud to say we have married our (other) best friends and served as Maid Of Honor for one another.    We are simply looking for a way to document the process of making a home as well as any upcoming major life events.

We are incredibly excited for whatever life brings us… and hope to remember to keep track of it all!

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