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Allan in Texas

7 Jun

Just thought you’d like to know that I started this post January 25, 2013.  Today is June 7, 2013. #GetOnIt

And since this blog is also for our “Dear Diary” purposes, I suppose I should go ahead and finish this one up about Allan’s move to Texas!

Big thanks to everyone who decided to spend their very first night of 2013 at Iron Age to surprise him with a dinner…. which was only kind of a surprise:

Iron Age Send-Off

The very next morning, my mom and I got into the car with Allan and began what would end up being an 18.5 hour car ride.  Let me give you time for that sink in. Eighteen. And a half. Hours.

It was basically a whole lot of this:

Heading West

After stopping at least once in every state to use the restroom, Allan firmly informed Mother and I that we were absolutely not stopping anymore…. Allan = Road Trip Grinch!  😉

By the good grace of God, we all made it without chopping each other’s heads off and spent the night in a motel – that’s pretty much all we could find at 1 am in the outskirts of Odessa.

The very next morning we headed to the leasing office and I watched my baby brother sign his very first big piece of legal agreement…. *tear*

Allan Signing His Lease

The following events were the usual things involved with moving… and I may be speaking for myself, but I had fun with the moving and shopping!

Purchasing Necessities

Purchasing Necessities

Allan and I put everything together while my mom made as much food for him as possible.  The best part was probably the fact that we had snow while we were there, which is also unique for the city according to the locals. Btw, he was one of the first ones into the complex….

Snow and Buildings

And here’s a little snapshot of the place:

Allan's Apartment

Although we had our first meal eating like this….

First Meal

…. we did manage to get out and explore the city too.

Mexican Olé!


We also had a lot of fun in between…. I don’t know these two:

Crazy Asians

We miss Allan like crazy…. we did finally get to see him again Memorial Day weekend when we came home.  It was almost harder to say good-bye the second time around… definitely did some crying after he left.  So we basically count the days until we can see him again….

But I feel better knowing that he has beautiful morning like this to see {with all that flat land everywhere}:

Departure Morning

Note the oil pump thingies

As long as learns what to do for tornado drills and keeps lots of sunscreen… I will worry less!  Until then… I hope you know how much we miss you, Allan!

Love For Allan


Note… Can anyone explain to me why there are so many big ass trucks everywhere in Texas???

Allan's Work Truck

Allan’s Work Truck

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