A Very Full Christmas: Earnest Edition

1 Jan

Yes, in terms of food as well as our hearts.  I got incredibly lucky this year… Melissa and I both had new jobs, so we needed to stick around Atlanta instead of going to Illinois.  And since my parents close their store for the Christmas Day, they got to join us at Chris’s parent’s house. One big, happy family under the same roof… which hasn’t happened since we were married in 2011.  It was an intoxicatingly happy feeling for me!  I can’t believe it took us almost 2 years to get all of us together again, but we all vowed to not let it happen again (New Year’s resolution?).

Since I love photos more than words:

Mama E's decorations

Presents under our tree

Presents under our tree

Earnest Tree

But, even better (sorry if it’s super grainy… had to use a zoom lens and not my 50mm to capture everything…. which is why you should never purchase stock lenses btw):





One of the best parts of all?  Watching Allan open his “big gift” from Andrew and I: An XBox to take to Texas with him!


Chris carving the beautifully roasted turkey:

Turkey Gobble

UPDATEThank you so much for all your beautiful cards and notes, we’ve enjoyed having them up in our home!  We send all our love your way…. 

Christmas Cards 2013

Christmas Cards 2013

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and memorable moments leading you into the new year… Happy 2013!!! Exciting things to come our way!


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