Goodbye 2012 – Here’s What We’ve Achieved This Year:

31 Dec

Last year, we held a party to celebrate the end of 2011.  At said party, we had everyone submit at least one resolution for 2012.  Some were funny…. what am I kidding. They were all funny.  I’d be curious to know if anyone fulfilled their dreams this year:

Sam – Watch all 4 Twilight movies in one night!

Amanda – This year, I want to successfully forget how to artificially inseminate a chicken!

Henry – Stop hating on Tebow.

Kate – Switch from heroin to crack (for financial reasons).

Florence – Eat less cheesecake.

Wendy – Eat a whole pizza by myself.

NinaE – Learn to burp my ABC’s.

Amit – Learn how to sing.

NinaP – Wanna be able to do the splits without ripping my muscles.

Pabs – Stop feeding the dog (Kade).

James – To become a master champagne machete opener.

Chris – Masturbate less.  (I’m sorry, mothers, that you had to read that)

That's right, Sam, all thumbs up!

That’s right, Sam, all thumbs up!

On a slightly more serious note, here were my personal resolutions:

(1) Stick with our budget

(2) Study harder

(3) Keep up with the blog while keeping it light and fresh

(4) Save up to buy a Canon DSLR

(5) Work on the master home to-do list

Let’s break it down, shall we?

(1) Stick with our budget: I’m sure there is always room for improvement, just as the rest of the rational world would say, but we did an okay job this year.  Being jobless for half the year (me, not Chris) certainly does not help.  Luckily, that situation has changed with my new part-time job and if we stick to our current budget plans, we should be okay soon.  Just gotta keep working hard.

(2) Study harder: I think it’s fair to say that I did a swell job with that one.  Graduated from my program with a 4.0, passed the certification board, and am officially licensed in Georgia.  Check, check, and double check. Tooting my horn, for sure.

(3) Keep up with the blog while keeping it light and fresh: This will be up for opinion somewhat, I suppose.  67 posts (including this one) in 2012 between the two of us.  However, since we didn’t start the blog until August 31, 2011, it’s not so fair to compare 2011 to 2012.  But, if we compare Aug. 31, 2011 – Dec. 31, 2011 to Aug. 31, 2012 – Dec. 31, 2012, we are looking at 14 vs 22 posts.  Some improvement for sure…. always room for more!

(4) Save up to buy a Canon DSLR: Goal partially kept?  I didn’t save up my own funds, but the end result is the same.  I got my baby as a graduation present from my parents…. which I still thank them endlessly for.  I am utterly amazed at the work my 60D can do.

(5) Work on the master to-do list: We managed to complete the biggest project to date this year (more on that later) and we’ve tackled a number of projects around the house.  The To-Do List has altered, however, with new ideas and possibilities.  I will post a new and updated list soon.

Anyone out there who wants to share their 2012 resolutions and whether you achieved them or not?  What about 2013… have you guys started to think about them?  I certainly haven’t….. yet.


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