19 Dec

Before the end of 2012, one important thing I wanted to note was birthdays!!! I think the last ones I mentioned were in September… since then, we’ve also celebrated mine, Allan, Chris’, and Papa Dewey’s birthdays!

Just wanted to do a quick recap with photos (unfortunately, I don’t have any from the birthday dinner with Allan or Chris’s dad, but I can tell you that the food and cake were absolutely delicious!)

Since I had been busy studying for a HUGE certification exam, I didn’t really put much thought to my birthday.  Well, let’s face it…. I never put much thought into my birthday.  On the other hand, Chris is absolutely amazing about putting these things together for me….. how did I get so gosh darn lucky?  He got some of my favorite people (but many were missing) out to go to Two Urban Licks for dinner.  I wanted to try the restaurant, thinking I had never been there….. but alas, as soon as I pulled up to their entrance, I realized that this was a one-of-a-kind place and I had indeed dined there before.  Whoops?

At least this time it was more memorable……


And I had so many friends who came out to celebrate with me… like this one:

With Amanda

Once again, my friends spoiled the crap out of me and I received some pretty awesome gifts.  Since NinaR is the other half of this blog, she gets a special shout-out for the UGA-inspired Toms.  In addition, HU and Thomas get special recognition for being oh-so-clever and looking at my Pinterest account for pinspiration and getting me a J.Crew Chambray shirt (I still swoon when I see it in my closet) and a coffee table book about fashion.  I would like to note that the things I pin are NOT intended for my friends to buy!  Chris, on the other hand, is welcome to buy me anything that I pin. 😉


Flowers From Chris

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the dinner…. Your presence means so much to me…. and I am grateful for the cupcakes, jewelry, vase, etc……………. that you guys showered me with! 

And since my birthday fell on a Tuesday and I share it with this cutie, her sweet mama and a mutual friend took us out for lunch!


Sleeping Away…


Playing… Best. Laugh. Ever.

Mmmmm Dessert

Thank you Mama Christy!

Seriously. So cute


Despite our absence on his actual birthday, we did take Allan out to Antico’s for his birthday.  If you haven’t been there, they have a particular pizza that is home to some pretty. freaking. hot. peppers.  Which happens to be right up Allan’s alley.  Note: This place is a BYOB joint in addition to the incredibly brick-oven-baked-in-front-of-you pizza, so we were sure to pack some refreshments.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the photos from Antico’s!  I think they must have been on my old phone that I dropped and smashed (yes, yes, pretty stupid move).

In addition, I really wanted to take him to Milano’s Bakery for their amazing Bibimbab Burgers later that week. I think I’d call it a successful lunch:

Allan at Milano's Bakery

Quite ready to dig in!


This was the first birthday since the start of our relationship that I could really plan an event.  We had always been living in other towns, which makes some parts of the planning less fun, or I was busy with school and couldn’t really give him the proper attention he deserved.  So, I made sure to go all out.  Go all out = Hang things from the ceiling and actually do my own cooking for the shindig.

That’s right. I had no shame asking for people to treat events like a potluck in the past.  I was in school, people!  Saving lives! Educating myself!  I’ve received 3 diplomas since Chris and I started dating — I was working in my own way!

Yeeaaahhhhhh, I’m not buying it either.  I was just plain lazy and tired. 

Anyhow… 2012 was going to be different. Voila.  Game Day Food.

Baby Brother Digging In

And we had a pretty darn good time. We had some of our best friends and even some neighbors come over.



Andrew looking convincingly happy.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Boy


Photographer of the Night: NinaRoo

Photographer of the Night: NinaRoo

oh, Kade


One thing I find amazing every year is the number of same faces we see.  It’s a shame that it’s not pointed out as often as it should, but Chris & I are incredibly blessed.  Sometimes we feel the love and push it away.  Other times, we feel so loved that we can hardly speak.

Thank you, dear friends, for sharing the love with us year after year. One day, you’ll be tired of us. One day. BUT I HOPE NOT!

And just to keep things interesting and you, my dear readers, humored:


Nina’s going to kill me.


2 Responses to “BIRTHDAYS!!!”

  1. Chris December 20, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

    That last picture is PRICELESS! Although Nina Ryu may pay some money to take it down so I guess I could be wrong 🙂

  2. Barbara Port December 21, 2012 at 7:13 am #

    Loooovveeee two urban licks! Only been once but had an amazing time so that counts as love hehehe isn’t Pinterest the greatest? Mitchell hasn’t figured it out and that’s probably a good thing. Your chevron top is! Where’s it from? Must have one. That little girl is just the cutest thing ever. I can see why you love hanging out with her. Umm… A bibimbab burger?? I think I may have to try that. Where’s that place?

    I’d say you actually earned four diplomas since dating Chris. The 4th is that you became his wife. It takes a lot of planning, learning, and real education to become one and without the perseverance and hardwork, this one could not be achieved. 🙂

    The party looked fun! The food looked good and I can tell that Chris really appreciates you. You are very lucky and of course, he’s even luckier to have you! The only thing about his party I would’ve changed was Allan’s shirt… But that’s just me 😉 love that last picture. Blackmail for life. Love you guys!

    P.s. not sure what happened to your card and that makes me sad. I had one get sent back to me bc I forgot their apt # but surely if I had butchered your addy, I would’ve gotten it back by now. Don’t hate me if I send another one and its way past Christmas 🙂 ❤

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