The Make Room

19 Nov

It’s been all kinds of crazy around here…. our big project is at a standstill for the moment for some unforeseen events as well a little bit of holiday mixed in.  But I am happy to say that our dining room has a whole new color.  And the living room is about to get a couple of touch-ups this morning.

All that aside, I wanted to share a pretty cool and fun website with you all.  I can’t exactly remember how I came across it, but The Make Room allows me to enter in measurements of our home and create a layout.

Even though our condo is just shy of 1400 sq. feet, you have to understand that this is tedious work.  It took me several evenings and carrying the laptop to each room with a tape measure in hand.  But I really wanted to have it done to allow me access to rough measurements of each room.

The best part?  The fact that they have a fairly great variety of structural and decorative images to add to your rooms… Just look at how many toilets they have:

Call me a simple (wo)man, but that’s enough variety for me.

One more thing to note, if you choose to this… I got frustrated when some of the lines didn’t match up exactly, but I realize now that it’s because you have roughly 4 – 4.5 inches between rooms due to studs and drywall. I don’t think I accounted for that part which would have helped me.

And here we go:

Yes, I interchangeably use condo and townhouse.  I just do.

In addition, our complex has a plan up on the website, but I love having the option of adding our furniture.  I can already tell you that the middle bedroom has been changed up.  Part of the fun is that before shoving furniture around, I can play with it on this website to see if the layout works.


One Response to “The Make Room”

  1. Barbara Putnam November 20, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    you have no idea how excited i am about this post because… we’re getting a new chair, ottoman, coffee table, & end table tomorrow and this will definitely help me figure out exactly how our living room needs to be arranged. 🙂 our LR is just awkward only because they made it that way with where they put the freakin’ cable outlet. i don’t understand why it’s so hard to put more than one connection in every room. grr… but yes, THANK YOU for this post!!

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