Still ‘Falling’

9 Nov

I don’t think I ever mentioned the $7-clearance-from-Target-couch-pillows that I snagged this past Spring.  They weren’t really anything to note except that they were the first non-bed pillows I ever purchased.  And the biggest reason I purchased them was because my back hurts a lot when I sit on the couch for any longer than 30 minutes.  It’s a super plushy leather couch, so I understand why Chris bought it 5 years ago, but man-oh-man does it hurt my back!  The pillows help me sit a little big straighter, but it’s also a temporary situation.

Anyhow, since the pillows were from Spring, they had pretty shades of blue stripes going up-and-down them.  Which means one thing: Not fall appropriate!

Knowing that $7 was a steal and storage space is practically non-existent, I didn’t really look for replacements.  Instead, I looked for fabric to cover them with.  And since looking at drapes is one of my favorite things to do in a store, I came across another clearance item at Target one day.  One panel of gray and white patterned drapery for $14. Perfect for our quite-neutral living room!

Using this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew, I laid out my pretty (and washed/ironed) fabric:

Cut is up and pinned it all nice and pretty….

… and got to sewing!

The tutorial was incredibly straightforward… and here’s the end-product (complete with creepy husband):

And the fact that the pillow covers ended up with the biggest pattern to the left half (as shown above) was a very fortunate accident… Seriously, I had made a mistake the first go around and had to recut a front panel and that’s what I ended up with.  Happy accident dance!

As for the back, I didn’t add zippers (hah!) or enclose the pillow completely.  I simply created flaps to make it easy to take on and off for washing… as shown below:

And that was my last addition for the fall transfer in the Earnest household.  I know, I know, we sure do it big around here…… maybe next year. 

Happier Note: Chris is turning 28 tomorrow!!!! We have an incredibly full weekend ahead of us… Can’t wait to share the aftermath!


One Response to “Still ‘Falling’”

  1. Barbara Putnam November 12, 2012 at 6:58 am #

    first & foremost, happy belated to chris! hope he had a wonderful birthday! second(ly?), i may need to recruit you to make me some pillow covers because those look so good!! i like the flap idea. it came out really well. also, you can’t ever pass up anything cute that’s on clearance at target. and that right there is why half the crap i own is from there 🙂

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