Dolphin Meet and Greet

23 Sep

This past Labor Day weekend, James and I decided to get away for a couple of days to sunny Cancun to enjoy the tail end of summer. I really felt like I needed a break from work so we decided to take a quick 3 day trip down to our neighboring south of the border country, Mexico. James and I had never been to Mexico before so we were pretty excited about the trip.

We stayed at the Riu (Palace Peninsula) and because the resort was an all-inclusive resort we did a lot of eating. Some of our favorite foods during the trip included their authentic chicken tacos on corn tortillas and their lime ice cream sherbet. We are pretty easy to please when it comes to food. 🙂

This is the view from our hotel room overlooking the resort, pools, and beach.

The turquoise colored ocean beach was a nice mental break.

The resort always had a nice beautiful display of desserts.

This was where we stayed. The whole hotel had some very interesting interior design schemes as you can see with all the purple.

James and I getting some sun on the beach.

Displaying some married couple PDA. 😉

Swimming with the Dolphins!

The highlight of the trip was an excursion we took to swim with the dolphins. I’ve always loved dolphins. As a kid, dolphins were my favorite animal so I learned to draw them, I would have dolphin posters on my wall, and I also collected dolphin stuffed animals. As a grown woman I don’t think I completely grew out of my love for dolphins.

James, knowing this slight obsession of mine decided that we would do an excursion involving dolphins even though he wasn’t a huge fan of sea creatures. We booked an excursion with Dolphin Discovery in Cancun who took us out on a ferry to their facility on Isla Mujeres, which is an island off the coast of Cancun.

As soon as we docked, I became so excited seeing dolphins swimming so gracefully in the ocean. I’m not sure if anyone else has wondered this as well, but I was always curious as to what dolphins and whales would feel like. I always imagined it would feel a bit rubbery and slimy and I was ready to find out! Once we got to the facility we were put in groups and led by the dolphin trainers into an enclosed area of the ocean where the dolphins lived. We were directed to stand against the fence on a platform in the water as the instructor allowed the dolphins to swim up to us for the encounter.

One of the coolest experiences was getting a “foot push” from the dolphins. The instructors would direct us to swim out about 50 feet on a boogie board and then would signal to the dolphins and they would push our feet and bring us back. We also got to swim out, grab onto their fins and swim back as well.

Such cute and intelligent animals!

The dolphins here are waving to us!

Dolphins are great synchronized swimmers!

The facility also had a meet and greet with the sea lions and manatees. Here are some pictures of other tourists interacting with the cool animals. 🙂

After a long day of swimming and staying out in the sun, we were so exhausted. Here is a picture of James cautiously getting in a Mexican hammock. Believe it of not, this was his first time in a hammock ever! So many firsts this trip… However, this hammock was so comfortable we hope to have one of these at our house some day.

Hope you guys enjoyed an awesome summer. We are now officially ready for Fall in the Ryu household with this cool weather coming through.


2 Responses to “Dolphin Meet and Greet”

  1. Barbara Putnam September 25, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    The pictures of the hotel look professional! 🙂 You two are so cute! Very cool you got to swim with dolphins. Kinda jealous 🙂

  2. Chris September 26, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    This looks like so much fun!!!! There was a dolphin thing in Bermuda, but it was too cold :(. Next time I think we will have to make this a couple trip! Looks like fun to me!

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