(Oops) I Did It Again

4 Sep

Ohhhh Britney, why, oh why, did you go from this (even better, this awesomeness) to bat shit cray-cray?

Aside from my hit of nostalgia, I had this frame that I bought at Kirklands for $20 when I was trying to make my old apartment look sophisticated or something along those lines. Or maybe I was trying to impress my mom with my style. I mean, her style. Because, my friends, I don’t know why I had this old-person-magnet of a frame for so long. The mat wasn’t even great … all my photos had people’s heads cut off:

And that color on the mat, that’s what was all around the frame.  Yeah. Like I said, don’t know why I thought that was stylish 3 years ago. We live and we learn… eventually.

By some stroke of genius, and being tired from cringing every time I walked down the hall, I decided to spray paint… again (hence my Britney-inspired title – minus the ‘oops’).  There is no “oops” about it. It was a satisfying feeling to see this:

I hung the frame (only the frame) on the wall for a couple of weeks.  I didn’t want to place the original mat in there because of the silly color (see above for reminder).  I couldn’t figure out what to do with the frame at that point… (1) use Staples to print a large print, (2) put a bunch of mini frames inside like this, or (3) replace the white-framed cork board in the kitchen and get another frame for the hallway.

When NinaR came over for my graduation party, she suggested I spray paint the mat white.  DOH!  My spray-paint-fiendish self didn’t even think of that.  Seriously… HUGE ‘duh’ moment for me.  And now I’m happy to present this:

The hallway in general is in need of some work… I’ve added the hallway to the to-do list since this, which includes painting the hallway and adding a carpet runner (I’ve been eying this one for a while).

Meanwhile, I smile as I walk down the hall, instead of using horse-blinders, because I get to walk towards to this:


And round the corner to this:


Progress, friends. Progress.


2 Responses to “(Oops) I Did It Again”

  1. Barbara Putnam September 6, 2012 at 8:18 am #

    idk why but i never thought i’d see the day you would write “bat shit cray-cray” lol thanks for starting my morning off right 🙂 i absolutely LOVE the pop of color with that red! at least, i think it’s red. it looks great! i’m always “pinspired” by you… i know, i know. creative thinking right there. curious: how long are you guys planning on living there?? and are you guys renting or owning?

    • NinaE at NinaSquared September 6, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

      Hey! I’m happy to hear I added some smiles to your morning.. and yes, you’re right – it’s red. We own our home and are planning to stay here for another few years – after that, who knows – we’re open to renting it out or just selling. We really love our area so much that and depending on where I land for my job, we’re still not sure what area would be right for us whenever we have schools to think about.

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