Life Lesson: Fixing an Oven Door

1 Sep

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to appliances and fixing them, James and I are but newbies in a big world of broken things waiting to be fixed. Fortunately and unfortunately though life experience is a tough teacher and through trial and error, mistakes and pain we learn its lessons.

So when it came to tightening the screws to the loose handle of our oven, it was no different.

  1. First lesson learned: Oven doors are usually made out of  more than one layer of glass. In our case, it was three layers of glass!
  2. Second lesson learned: If you own a Whirlpool stainless steel oven, there is a good chance that the most outer layer of the oven is ALL glass not just the part you can see through to see if your cookies are done, but also the whole area surrounding the clear part is glass disguised in black paint and tape. Thus, don’t use an electronic drill to tighten the screws of the handles or the pressure will cause the whole glass will shatter.
  3. Third lesson learned: Replacing the outer shattered glass door is expensive and figuring out how to assemble the new glass door with the rest of the inner door is made difficult because the instructions don’t come with the part and there are no clear instructions online. It was A LOT more complicated than we both imagined.
  4. Fourth lesson learned: Instructions for removing and reinstalling the oven door can be found most likely online on your oven manufacturer’s website. You can search the make/model and there should be an e-manual to help you through. Otherwise, there are a couple of Youtube links that was (sort of) helpful.

Fortunately for us, the third and fourth lessons were made easier by our knowledgeable friends, Nina E and Chris, who came to the rescue!

Here is an image of our once pitiful oven without a door.

This is a picture of our detached oven door waiting to be reassemble.

The boys brain storming about how this complicated door needs to be put back together.

Doing the manual work.

Crossing fingers and learning lesson number 4!

The boys did it! A very proud moment for all of us!


One life lesson down, many more to go! Happy September!


One Response to “Life Lesson: Fixing an Oven Door”

  1. Barbara Putnam September 4, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    you’d think this would be an easier job. lesson learned. thanks nina r! 🙂 p.s.-love the picture of them high fiving (sort of) lol

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