Anniversary Issue: One Year Later

31 Aug

It’s been one complete year – to the date, mind you – since Ninaroo/NinaR (then Nina P) and I started this little record-keeper of ours (here’s when Nina made her grand entrance as NinaP)… and this year has really flown by.  We are now both married (more on her wedding here and here) and loving the changes headed our way!  In lieu of the momentous occasion, I thought it’d be fun to break it up and see what all I blabbed about in the past year…

Home Upgrades:

Master Bedroom: mounted the TV and built a shelftoyed with the idea of adding over-the-bed art, and added ‘art’ over the bed

Guest Bedroom/Andrew’s Room: painted, refinished a desk with paint and stencils, added curtains and some new bedding, and currently working on some other additions/updates

Living Room: added white frames to a bare wall – however, I haven’t really updated you guys on the wall in a while, so here’s where we stand today:

Not great quality – I’ll get a better close up soon…

Office/Allan’s Room: updated the ceiling fan, and still pining away to re-paint the room from brown (I was trying to be sophisticated at the time or some kind of crap like that)

Guest Bathroom/Laundry: added a spray painted basket and a “new” Jonathan Adler piece to the counter, fixed the tub, window-shopped for a new fan/light, added new curtains, and still need to touch up the paint in there or change it completely

Outdoors: planted a mini-garden (using styrofoam peanuts to help with drainage), watched the herbs and veggies grow, and am now struggling to keep them alive…… yikes.

Miscellaneous: Discovered my style (kind of), organized the storage closet, shared my home to-do list, graduated (with my first masters degree), and celebrated Chris’s acceptance to grad school!

Upped the Craftiness:

… which completely would not have been possible without stumbling upon Pinterest.

Some other random crafts included: a message board (which was updated with a new color here), sewing coffee sleeves, ordered calendars, Christmas cards, and other supplies from VistaPrint, made a Christmas wreath and tinsel-covered tree, made Kade a Santa hat, made a stenciled gift for the future Nina Ryu, used Typography to make a Valentine’s Day card, learned about floral arrangement at West Elm, made a cork board board for cards and invitations, picked up calligraphy with NinaR, and found a new fabric store in North Carolina.

Life Talk:

Wedding-Related: at 6 months, had our one year anniversary in Savannah, shared my one-year gift for Chris, attended Krissy & Mike’s wedding at Monteluce Wineryhosted a wedding shower for NinaR and James, was a part of NinaR’s wedding, went to 755 West for Jaime & Eric’s wedding, and we have 3 more coming up in the next 2 months (Congratulations to all of you guys!)

Birthdays: Andrew’s and Mom’s, mine, and I don’t know why I don’t have more documentation for everyone else’s birthdays – but I promise we celebrated them!

Holidays: made a Crate&Barrel-inspired Christmas wish list, nearly forgot about Thanksgiving, shared the decor for our first Christmas, got to share a dish for Christmas for once, had guests over for NYE, got supplies for Christmas 2013, had our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, and made Mother’s Day cards using

Miscellaneous Ongoings: had fun painting with friends, boasted about my awesome saving skills (come on, $8 for Banana jeans?!?), bragged about my random and awesome mom (who apparently likes to show goofy videos to me), got to show off my cousin’s newsworthy Chicago proposal, experienced the Transit of Venus, took Chris on a field trip to West Elm, ran the Peachtree Road Race 10K (who would’ve thought!?), got a visit from Brian, went to the Brookhaven Beer Fest, GRADUATED, got a fancy new camera (thanks Mom!), and had an awesome first weekend as a graduate (finally done with school – seriously!).


Whenever I look back, I am so happy to have been able to keep a record of the events, memories, and randomness of our so called life. I am already a very nostalgic girl (some of you know that I pine for Summer 2006 relentlessly – the days of a carefree life), so this might make it worse – who knows.

I am BLESSED BEYOND WORDS for the wonderful friends who never fail to make me feel giddy inside and smile (especially when they tell me they actually enjoy reading NinaSquared) and the never-ending abyss of love and support  coming from my family.

This past year hasn’t been easy (NinaR and Chris know verrrry well that I can be one crabby student at home) and I am beyond excited to finally be one step closer to having an actual income (I entered UGA in 2004 and haven’t stopped until now – 4 degrees later… yeah, I know, stupid. Like, wth am I going to do with all those???).

I can’t wait to see what this next blogging year brings – HOPEFULLY, MORE POSTS FROM NINAR ( 😉 )!!!  That being said, please don’t forget you can subscribe by clicking on the button to the right under ‘FOLLOW US’, which means you’ll get an email every time we have a new post up (so you don’t miss about part of our lives – more because I can’t get the consistency down quite yet)!

3 Responses to “Anniversary Issue: One Year Later”

  1. Barbara Putnam August 31, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    it’s really been a year since you started this? craziness!! you’ve accomplished a LOT in one year. i’m proud of you. 🙂 p.s.-love the “E” wall. thinking about doing one… with a “P” of course lol

  2. Ashley Pickell September 9, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

    I love how you summed it all up! Yall had a big year!

    • NinaE at NinaSquared September 11, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

      We sure did, Ash!!! You guys are off to a wonderful start yourselves this football season! Can’t wait to read about the rest of your year!

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