Bedroom Updates

7 Aug

When we first got the house, Chris got a complete bedroom set from American Signature Furniture – dresser + mirror, bed frame, and 2 side tables – after getting my seal of approval.

When we first moved in, the headboard was placed up against one of the walls with the window… which became a problem.  Apparently our windows may not have been sealed properly, because winter nights become absolutely chilling.

This past winter, we finally moved the bed to the wall directly opposite of the original placement and it’s been so much better since!  The one problem was that we originally had our TV mounted on the wall – yes, we are TV-before-bed-people, and it sat for a while on one of the side tables.  Yes, yes, very un-Feng Shui of us, I realize this.  Now that Chris has started reading more recently (the boy hasn’t voluntarily picked up a book since middle school), he really wanted to lay his books on a side table instead of the floor.

Kevin had offered to help us find a great mounting kit through Best Buy, but we luckily found on at Sam’s for about half the price.  $50 later and with the help of a friend, we had the TV mounted.  I wish I had remembered to get Chris to take “during” photos since I was in Augusta for Father’s Day, but I can only give you the end product.  Basically, we not only had to find a stud for the installation, but we had to be extra cautious because it’s an exterior wall… meaning that the other side of the wall is the outside siding of the building.  Luckily, we’ve had some experience with this because the TV in our living room is also against an exterior wall and we hid the wires behind the drywall, giving us, as you can see, a nice clean look.  Which, by the way, reminds me that I added some accent color to the living room:

Once we had the TV mounted, we then had a bunch of wires and stuff to deal with.  Note the loveliness of all this clutter:

Since shelves can be expensive, we grabbed a 1x12x8, seen above, at Home Depot (my Sugar Daddy) while buying more spray paint. And we got to work (with the help of some new tools) AND we got to revisit middle school algebra for this:

Cut the piece down to size (with the help of a family friend who’s loaded with tools and a garage).  Next, sanding is SO important for a more perfect fit and finish- especially since our townhouse is at least 40 years old (remember when we learned a fun fact here?).

He’s obviously paying attention

In between sanding, we’d hold it up to the wall to see where else we needed to focus our sanding:

And then, right back to the sanding:

When painting, I did add a coat of primer just because it’s real wood and I wanted the whitest possible color we could get. You can see the difference it makes in this photo (look in the top right corner):

Side note: here’s a cool trick of the trade… use a plastic bag to line your paint tray for easy clean-up:

When we did use our awesome new Kreg Jig Mini (would love the bigger set one day) to provide a nice, flush shelf against the wall without screws sticking out anywhere….

… and pre-drilled holes into the studs.

yes, the angle is intentional

By the way, when you’re searching for a clamp for the Kreg Jig… quality does trump cost – as we learned (and we got lucky, Homeboy let me return it):

Once the shelf was up, it was a perfect fit for the DVR… and I should have been happy.  But all I heard was a gloomy WOP-WOP in my head.

Poor planning, my friends.  I didn’t account for the length of the wires… we just knew we’d be hiding them. So now, I’m left with this loveliness:

Our friend, Kevin, who installs TVs and speakers for a living has promised to come over and help us with our situation… and I’ll keep you updated.

Next on the agenda for updating the bedroom, we are also looking for new bedside lamps (thinking about even mounting some on the wall), want to add some sort of awesome wall art above the headboard, and we still need to lower those gosh darn curtain rods (it annoys me to no end everyday).

How about you guys?  What was your last wop-wop moment?


3 Responses to “Bedroom Updates”

  1. Chris August 7, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    Totally dominated that special right triangle! If only I had my Ti-83 😦 Also, my strength was so impressive in breaking that clamp, I really need to stop juicing up.

    • NinaE at NinaSquared August 7, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

      Dork! Ti-83? Ti-86 is where it’s really at! And yes, please stop breaking my clamps. please.

  2. Barbara Putnam August 8, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    i thought it was a ti-89?? sheesh. i just had a “wop wop” moment thinking about age. 🙂 good idea on covering the paint pan with plastic. i never in a million years would’ve thought of it. and is the yellow framed “dry erase” board a pinterest project? 😉 all in all, good job guys!!

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