Tub Issues

1 Aug

We made a change in the guest bathroom.  Nothing major, the bathroom’s still red.

First thing you have to know about our townhouse… the original building was built about 40 years ago, but the entire complex was converted in the very early 2000’s.  We purchased the very last unit – the model home actually.  And as much as love our home, that means there are a lot of imperfect things about our home.  For example, the fixtures, according to our handywoman (more on that shortly), are discontinued and the last place she saw fixtures like ours were in the projects.  Yup, I kid you not.

Shortly after Allan and I moved in, we noticed that the guest bathtub drips when not in use… so we just made sure to keep the knobs turned very tightly.  Fast forward another year… the dripping has become constant, but more importantly, when you turn the middle knob to switch the water to the shower head, the bottom faucet still pours out, which means there is basically no pressure coming through the shower head. No pressure for showers = Stinky brothers.  Not really, but… that stinks overall.

In comes our wonderful neighbors… we reached out to the community online boards to ask if they had any plumbers to recommend… and apparently, Bear was our girl. 🙂  I love that.  Her name is really Margaret and she is absolutely the most wonderful person in the world.  She resembles no bear in my book. Chris reached out to her and she came over ready to knock this project out (turns out that our complaint is a common complain throughout the complex – thank you contractors).  And she came prepared with a new bottom faucet that has a little lever to combine the pressure from the new fixture to the middle knob (I think you’ll see soon if you’re not following quite yet).  And here’s my FAVORITE part about her.  She’s a teacher, through and through.  She is all about encouraging homeowners to know everything about their home.  Basically here’s what she told us:

$300-500 to completely take out our current bathroom fixtures to tighten the plumbing within and re-do the tiling to make it pretty again

$150 for her to replace the bottom faucet

$85 to sit next to us as we replace the bottom faucet and talk us through the process step-by-step and to make sure that we don’t make any mistakes along the way.  She pushed for this option so that if our other bathroom fixture started having the same issue we would know what to do. $85 is also her normal hourly rate.

You may see why we loved her…. guess what option we chose?



That’s Bear’s hand on the bottom right of the image… sorry it’s so blurry.  There is no natural lighting in this bathroom and to make matters worse it’s not very bright on this half of the bathroom anyhow (hoping to change that soon).

Please do not judge me for the grout… I can’t seem to keep up behind 2 active brothers and they’re level of cleanliness is nowhere near my own level of what I consider clean. 

So, the following pictures are pretty self-explanatory… Bear sat next to Chris and literally talked him on (and cheered a little bit) while I popped my head in periodically to take pictures (I was in the middle of another project).


Putting the finishing touches:


Now, whenever the boys shower, they have to turn the middle knob to divert most of the water to the shower head and then pull the lever on the faucet itself to add additional pressure.  No more drippage from the faucet when showering = success!  It’s by far NOT a perfect system, but an $85 fix versus a $400 cost makes that okay in our books… for now.

P.S.  Chris has his concentration face in this photo above.  He also gets this whenever he’s playing guitar… minus the eyebrow furrowing.  You’re welcome, honey. 

Like I said, we saved a lot of money considering our options and we fell in love with our handywoman, Bear.  If you guys in the Atlanta area ever need help, we’re more than happy to refer her!  We will be calling her again in the future (intrigued?).  Feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to give her number to you (I’ve already gotten the thumbs-up from her about name going into the blog)!

Another side note… I have 7 more days of classes and 15 more of clinical days until I am officially done with school!!! 



3 Responses to “Tub Issues”

  1. Barbara Putnam August 2, 2012 at 8:53 am #

    we had a dripping faucet too in our bathroom but lucky for us, we just put in a work order through the property’s main office and ta da! no more drippy faucet lol but that’s cool that you guys learned a thing or two. always helps to know how to fix things around the house without having to call someone. now about that red paint…

  2. Chris August 2, 2012 at 11:37 am #

    Bear rocks…period!

  3. AlexOnActing August 2, 2012 at 1:12 pm #


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