Jaime & Eric’s Wedding

23 Jul

Remember when Ninaroo and I got to attend (and be involved) the wedding of Jaime and Eric?  We mentioned it once before because Ninaroo helped make the bridal bouquets.

The photos and videos are out… and they came out SO WELL!!!!

First of all, we have Glen’s from Pixel This (remember when he did our own?)… and of course, he did a phenomenal job.  We always love having Glen and Becky around – they’re so much fun and they cater to exactly what you want!

The videographer from 3 Ring Weddings also put together this bunch of awesomeness (<- link to their website).  I think I teared up again and again just flashing back to that day…

Last, but not least, here’s a video from The Guest Box:

(Ninaroo and I are up at minute 4:55… and I’m just staring at Nina like a goofball)

(Here’s a link to Vimeo for the video, just in case)

I had such a great time with this wedding… and had the honor of helping “behind-the-scenes” while Ninaroo was a member of the bridal party.  I wish them all the best for their “Chapter 2” and can’t wait to be a part of it all!

I also have to mention that one of my best supporters, Barbara P, just got married at Primrose Cottage and I CANNOT wait to see the pictures!  I’m so upset I didn’t get to attend, but I was in the middle of a long drive to North Carolina to be a part of Camp Victory Junction last week. 


One Response to “Jaime & Eric’s Wedding”

  1. Barbara Putnam July 26, 2012 at 7:54 am #

    yay! got a shout out. love those! and yes, wish you were there. pics to come. 🙂

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