4th of July in Buckhead

5 Jul

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July this year!  We sure did, despite it being in the middle of the week (doesn’t it just throw your entire schedule off???).

I have a love/hate relationship with Atlanta.  I’m from Augusta, which is technically the 2nd largest city in Georgia, but there is a HUMONGOUS difference. I mean… we just got a 2nd Target about 5-6 years ago and we now have FOUR Wal-Marts. I know — big whoop! My friends and I (including Ashley) used to play hide-and-seek in our neighborhood Wal-Mart… that’s how excited we kept things. Good, clean fun.  Mmk, you can stop your snickering now.

My love/hate relationship is no secret… Chris and I were even talking about in a small restaurant one afternoon many years ago (well before I made the move) and an older  gentlemen came up to reassure me that I would get used to Atlanta and how in love he was with the city.  How nice.  And it took me a full year to get used to the traffic… I wouldn’t even venture in a new area unless Chris-the-Norcross-native was with me (GPS was too slow on that 3G network).

Since moving to Atlanta, one thing that I am grateful for: the annual Peachtree Road Race.  It is a 10K that occurs every year (for the past 43 years) on the 4th of July.  And the coolest part about it is that the race starts in Buckhead (down the street from us) and ends next to Piedmont Park. (map from here)

Waiting for our 9 am call time.  We had a pretty late start time since we had never done it before (James was at 7:55, for comparison).

With HU… and her flawless makeup:

At the start… if this doesn’t make you feel patriotic, I don’t know what will:

Can’t always say that you stood on Peachtree Road in front of Lenox Mall!

I kept seeing this one runner around Mile 2-3, and her squirrel tattoo instantly made me think of one of my favorite bloggers, Raising Colorado (love her humor and honesty):

I won’t lie, we walked most of the infamous Heart Attack Hill… because the elevation goes from 817′ above sea level to 930’… and Piedmont Hospital graciously put up a sign saying “Runners, you’ve reached the top!”

The scenery got even better after Mile 4 because of Downtown Atlanta’s skyline:

I even pulled hopped over to the sidewalk to get this picture as we went over I-85:

By Mile 5, I kept hoping for the end to come soon, but Chris and I were still feeling pretty good… and we had lost HU back around Mile 3.  But as Ninaroo kept telling me, the energy is indescribable.  It really kept me going for the first 3 miles – I think Chris and I averaged 9-minute miles (just for the first 3 miles though!).  By the end, I was incredibly happy to see this after crossing the finish line.

Yep, the majority of 58,000 people from all over the country (and some from other countries) all centralized around Piedmont Park.  Oh, and this guy (isn’t he TALL???):

If you don’t remember (why would you?), we had our engagement shots with Glen done at Piedmont Park.

And of course, if you follow me on Instagram (ninasquared), you saw this image:

6.2 miles later, Chris and I finished at 1:22:42 and 1:22:41 (respectively).  That’s right, I won. 😉  And I only needed 6 puffs of my inhaler. (Thanks, Atlanta, for giving me bouts of wheezing that never existed in my childhood – love/hate, remember?)


Later that evening, we met up at HU’s apartment, across from Lenox Mall, and participated in some eating and applying tattoos.  I’d always wanted a tattoo across my wrist (no worries, Moms, not happening anytime soon), Ninaroo suggested that this might curb that need for a while.

And, guess what?  I started a trend:

It’s hard to see, but you can see we all have a wrist tattoo, along with our glow stick bracelets

Yes, we are all 26 and without children.  But this is completely acceptable by my book.

I just love what the moon did in this picture:

Surprisingly enough, he kept that headband on for most of the night:

The Lenox Mall fireworks were phenomenal this year… the finale just made the whole day worth it.  I have to say that I hadn’t seen a finale so well executed before!

Overall, July 4, 2012 was a truly wonderful day because Chris and I challenged ourselves in a new way and succeeded our goal of finishing the race (seriously, we though it’d take us over an hour and half to finish the race), but most importantly, spent the day with our best friends.

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July as well!!!


2 Responses to “4th of July in Buckhead”

  1. Barbara Putnam July 6, 2012 at 6:55 am #

    you guys definitely had a fun-filled 4th!! i’m super jealous. i spent mine in a hotel in baltimore with absolutely no one 😦 couldn’t even see fireworks from the window and had to go to bed early bc of an early check-in the next morning. but i’m so glad you had a wonderful time! i never ran the peachtree. i had a # a few years back but had to give it up bc i couldn’t get the day off (thanks aviation world for “no holidays”!!) and i understand your love/hate relationship with atlanta. i dealt with that for a few years and i’m still undecided lol i love how you “pulled” over to take that picture. not gonna lie… i actually giggled while reading that 🙂 but good job on completing the race! i’m proud of you guys. it’s not the easiest route and that hill. i’ve walked it many times but thankfully i wasn’t surrounded by thousands of people at once. again, so glad y’all had loads of fun and whenever you decide to cross over to the dark side and get that tattoo, call me 😉 but don’t tell mom hehe hope you enjoy the wkd!! xoxo

    • NinaE at NinaSquared July 6, 2012 at 9:43 am #

      Thanks Barbara! I think you should totally run it one year – with Mitchell! The energy is just so great and the water cooling stations are nice and make it a lot easier than you’d imagine. I am so sad that you didn’t get to enjoy any fireworks at all… boo for aviation jobs. I hope you’re having safe travels with work… I can’t believe you’re getting married this month!!!!!! So exciting!!!! Please share the link with me when you get your photos so that I can pretend I was there and not in North Carolina….

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