The Little Stuff

13 Jun

Back when I painted the fan, I mentioned I would go into why there was a frame too.  So here we go!

When I get invites and thank-you’s in the mail, I always feel like I’m insulting the sender when it goes straight to the mail pile.  Whoever sent it obviously put the time and effort to write a note or invite, so why shouldn’t I display it proudly? Luckily, I had some extra cork boards laying around (actually, Andrew had a set of 4 square cork boards that he was only using half of), I knew what product I could use.

And since I had a big blank wall in the kitchen, I knew where the cork board could go.  All I needed was a frame… and wouldn’t you know it, I had that laying around too!  It can be rewarding to be a hoarder, after all.  🙂  In terms of the color of the frame, I haven’t hid the fact that I love using using all white frames, so I threw it into the to-be-spray-painted pile.

The next steps were just as easy using Martha Stewart’s stencils (remember when I bought and used them for Ninaroo’s canvas?) and stenciling sponges, after I hot glued the cork square to the frame’s backing.  I love Martha’s metallic paint too – it doesn’t look cheap and it comes out just like you’d expect metallic paint to look.  I haven’t had any peeling or cracking issues yet, and I’ll be sure to report if that changes.

And I ended up with this.  You’ll notice some overlap of the frame’s backing on the sides, but I didn’t really mind because (1) this project cost me $0 and (2) I knew it would get covered.

And here it is, freshly on the wall:

Please, don’t get me started on the wall color. I know it’s ugly and plain.  I just can’t decide what to do with it yet.  Also, the empty frame makes the space appear larger than it really is.  But with a full board and when you’re standing in front of it in person, it doesn’t look this bad.  But you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Here’s the other thing I worked on while I was spray painting the frame and fans:

The above photo shows an empty wine bottle that I wrapped using my beloved Frog Tape and letter stencils to create my own customized stencil.  And yes, my pants have holes in them.  They were my painting pants… but I threw them away after this day because the holes were getting ridiculously large.

Once again, I used Martha’s stenciling sponges… but this time, I got to try the Frost Etching paint:

I sponged up and down to decrease my chances of going under the edges of the tape.

So, here’s what we use to keep some water on the side for Kade without our lazy butts having to lift the doggy bowl. Laziness to the MAX, I know.  I didn’t realize that the paint would dry as is, so if I do it again, I will use a really good paintbrush to create a smoother finish.  Otherwise, I love the sponges for stenciling with normal paint on normal surfaces.  You don’t get the same effect as you see with the Etching Paint.

Speaking of bowls, I love our new ones from Wag! They’re red in color, as you can see from the link to the site, but the Instagram filter makes them look pinkish.  I’ve been wanting ceramic bowls for a while because I think it’s gives a cleaner look… the metal ones are just looking super rough from Kade’s constant drool-fest.  And since we’ve had them for 4 years, I decided to get him new ones that can be thrown into a dishwasher (we’ll see about that)… and  Kade certainly loves them!  I’ll just be extra happy if they don’t get a fine crack over time…


One Response to “The Little Stuff”

  1. Barbara Putnam June 13, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    if i drank wine then yes, i’d save them and turn them into art 🙂 super cute doggie bowls. we had to settle on a metal one with a rubber bottom to grip the ground so it doesn’t slide everywhere when jackson demolishes his food lol i like the corkboard idea too. i use to be into cork a lot in middle school… don’t ask me why… but i tended to draw on them. i wonder what happened to those pieces of work…

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