He Loves It, He Loves It Not, He Loves It

8 Jun

I can’t believe it took me this long to venture to these stores, but here I am *cough*26*cough* years later, raving about West Elm and Anthropologie.

So, Chris hates it when I spend money.  Naturally. But then he really enjoys when he comes home and something new and aesthetically-pleasing graces our presence.  I end up getting mixed signals from these life events:

Me: “Ta-Da! I bought an ampersand statue-thing at Target today!”

Chris: “Nice?  Why? That’s random.”

Me: “I’ve always wanted one.  I think it looks nice on our 5×5 shelves. The perfect touch of modern industrial.”

Chris: “What money did you use to buy this?”

Me: “Our money, silly.  Why? You don’t like it?”

Chris: “No, I love it! It’s just that we have to be careful about our spending.  It’s near the end of the month and we’re reaching our budget limit.”

Me: “How do you know? I’m the one who actually keeps track of our expenses.  Don’t worry, we’re fine.”

Chris: “Oh. Okay. Well, in the case, I think it looks really good there!”

Yup. The exciting lives of Casa de Earnest.  We’re a regular soap-opera-drama family.

Anyhow, given the above dialogue, I know he appreciates the personal touches throughout our house.  Remember when I mentioned my first trip to West Elm when I got to meet and work with Amy Osaba?  Since then, I’ve been on the website non-stop and really wanted to take Chris with me one day.  I don’t know why I drag him… I think a part of me thinks that he’ll squeal while jumping up and down with me at every turn.  Obviously, if I think it, it will happen? HA!  In reality, he’s sooooo good and patient when we go on any shopping trip.  So, I love taking him places and showing him things and explaining why I get excited about random stuff… we’ll see how long his patience lasts. 😉

Is anyone else loving the gray and yellow combination right now (although my camera makes it look more purplish here)?

Whoops! Sorry it’s so blurry!

SO…. we both kinda fell in love with the animal heads… I think both our moms would have a heart attack and be insanely confused if we had this hanging on our walls.

This was Chris’s favorite.

$100 hippo head? Yes, please!

All in all, Chris liked the store a lot.  And he’s probably going to be surprised to hear this (yeah, right), but I take his liking the store as “okay, you can buy anything from here now and I’ll love it.”  And he’s probably shaking his head… right…about… now.

Moving on!  I met up with my other, other BFF a few weeks ago and we went to Lenox Mall.  And since I hate shopping alone, I pulled him into Anthropologie – it was my first time.  Barbara P is probably reading this right now and shocked, since she worked there for a few years, but the prices always intimidated me!!! But, holy guacamole.  The store. was. FREAKING. AWESOME.  I think I could have stayed in there for hours. No joke.

Love these letterings… It’s where my ampersand-lettering fetish came from.

Of all the things to peer at….. he sticks his head over this lamp.

Continuing the love for animal-inspired stuff. Don’t you just want to put him in your living room? 😉

David gave me a really funny look when I said I wanted to ride this. Not sure why.

Of course, I love all things Audrey…

Anyhow, I realize I’m a decade behind on West Elm and Anthropolgie, but it’s never too late?  Whatever. I’m in love with it just like the rest of Amercia.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather! I’ll let you know what fun event we have planned this weekend later!


4 Responses to “He Loves It, He Loves It Not, He Loves It”

  1. blush129inc June 10, 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    LOL! So reminded me in the life of “The Burtons”…My favorite store, Ahhh, West Elm!

  2. AlexOnActing June 10, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    Two of my fav stores. When Alex and I went shopping in West Elm for his bed, I took picture of the animal heads. I’m pretty sure we can paper mache them right?

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