Chi Town Love Story

3 Jun

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!  This weekend was amazing and full of activities for Jaime’s wedding – I can’t wait to show off pictures.  I am so honored to have been able to help in all the ways I could in order to keep things running smoothly!  Despite how much I hated my own wedding planning and am relieved to never have to go through it again, I find myself feeling so happy and fulfilled helping others with theirs!  One of the vendors was even shocked when he learned that I wasn’t an actual coordinator!  (I’m sure he was just being nice) PLUS, I got to see my own photographer and his own beautiful wife/assistant, Glen from Pixel-This.  (I have more images here, if you’re interested)

Anyhow, while we’re talking about weddings, Chris and I have to split up for one this September.  He’ll stay here to be in a close friend’s wedding while I’ll be Chicago with my original half of the family for our cousin’s wedding.  Brian is the only “Oppa” I have (which translates to “older brother” in Korean), but he’s a truly hard working graduate of the University of Michiganand still remains a die hard fan, by the way.  Anyhow, I cannot wait for their wedding (1) because I know it’s going to be incredibly elegant and beautiful, and (2) because I cannot wait until I get myself back to Chicago.  It’s an amazing city full of history, museums, and constant flashbacks to the newer Batman movies.

Anyhow, just wanted to share the wonderful story of Brian and Jenny, who were recently filmed and featured on WCIU, The U, a local Chicago channel.  Spoiler: He proposed.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t figure out to embed the video… the people at WCIU were also unhelpful, but what can you do?

He’s so handsome, isn’t he?  And Jenny is the prettiest cousin-in-law I could ask for… that, and I’d love to raid her closet!  Congratulations you guys!

This also reminds me, Brian will be Atlanta soon for a conference, but he’s coming during the weekend to spend time with all of us… I’d appreciate any suggestions for places to take him, places to eat, and places to drink.  I have a general idea, but I’m always open to new thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!


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