Spraying and Fanning – NOT an ode to Georgia’s heat

25 May

Like the title?  Let’s pretend it’s a working title.  This is what I was thinking of (from Amazon):

In the break between Spring and Summer semester, I immediately went to work with my favorite stuff: spray paint!  If you remember my home’s to-do list, you’ll notice that I had “paint ceiling fan” under the Office section.  Well, I did that. That’s all I have to say.  This post is done now.






JUST KIDDING! You know I have too many words swirling in my brain than to just leave you with that!

For the record, I don’t always do the research I probably should do before tackling something…. not always the best thing to do.  But I like to just look at what’s before me and figure it out as I go.  Except when I purchase something that comes with instructions.  In those cases I actually fish out the instructions first, just like my dad taught me.  Consider me halfway there.

Anyhow, the weather was so glorious last week with nearly ZERO humidity (which is so rare this time of year…), that I took full advantage of spray painting.  I should mention that I wanted to paint this ceiling fan because we got it for $30 a couple years ago and that it’s a really unappealing color.  Unappealing colors do not float my boat.  Another reason it was a good time to make this change: if you’re spray painting and it’s humid, you have to wait SO much longer for between-coat drying time AND curing time… and no one likes to wait.  We are the fast food/instant gratification generation, after all. 😉

Let me explain why instructions might have helped me along the way…. this is where I started:

Okay, that wasn’t entirely true.  I stared at the fan for about 10 seconds and wanted to just take the fan blades off.  But the bolts were on there so freaking tightly that I absolutely could not get the bolts to give.  I even asked Andrew to take a shot at it since he works out and all.  No luck = take the entire middle part off to get to the base of the fan blades.  So the image above is where I “started”… to get to the middle.

You see where each blade leads to the base that encircles the lighting portion of the fan?  The plan was to loosen the plate  in the middle (see the screws right above the wires?) in order to get the screws that would loosen the base of each  fan’s blades.  Note: the power had been shut off for the sunroom part of the house in the meantime. And here’s a shot from above…

In case any of you have either installed or uninstalled your own fans, you probably have already screamed out, “Nina! You’re so blind! Why did you go through all that trouble?!?!” multiple times by now.  As soon as Andrew and I have gotten one blade + connector-to-base down and I was walking to the door, the Techie grad, Allan, had suddenly appeared and had gotten one more blade down. Sans connector-to-base.  Say whaaaa????  In the 15 steps it takes to get to the door?  Yes… let’s take a closer look at the picture above.  Here’s one more I took when I was trying to loosen the screws from above:

If you will kindly take notice of a black clamp-looking thing at the end of each fan’s blade two photos above, you’ll notice just that. It’s. A. Freaking. Clamp. All I had to do was (1) unclamp and (2) turn the blade 90 degrees and (3) lift up.  See it now?  I do. And BOY did I feel dumb.  It also didn’t help that when I started to tell Chris about taking the fan down he immediately says, “You just lifted the clamp and got it down, right?”  NO, DEAR, I DIDN’T (not at first).  But then again, Chris was the one who installed the stupid thing.  Not me.  Therefore, I had no instructions that were read and lingering in my brain.

So yeah… I went ahead and got all of them down before I wanted to put the whole thing back together again.  A girl’s arms get really tired after holding them over your head for a half hour… which is why I can only attempt a braid a maximum of 2 times before giving up and tying it up into a normal ponytail.

You see how obnoxiously brown they are?  Yeah, that’s right.  The color is obnoxious and it knows.  That’s why they needed this awesomeness to glam them up:

I read repeatedly from Young House Love that this works super well, but since Lowe’s is my homeboy, I never got my hands on them until recently.  Sorry, homeboy, I had to give it a try and Lowe’s just doesn’t carry this product!  It’s a spray paint + primer in glossy white.  And I gotta say, I am hooked!  The handle of this baby alone is LOADS better than the stupid one that makes my finger feel like a major wimp.  Home Depot is officially my sugar daddy for spray paint… but I’ll keep Lowe’s as my homeboy. for now.  Note: The HD link is for a 6-pack, but they do sell them individually for ~$7 each.

This is where we stood after cleaning, sanding, and cleaning again before applying one coat.  With spray paint, you have to go super light with each layer and do multiple layers to really give your item a flawless finish in the end.  For example… I did about 9 coats and thought I was done, but noticed splotches after putting the blades up of glossy and non-glossy in bright sunlight, so I’m actually doing a few more coats as I write this.  But after a few coats, it really does get better!  This is after 5 coats – you can even notice the splotchiness here:

Always, always, ALWAYS sand with fine grit before spraying the next coat.  It’s another way to help ensure your flawless finish.  p.s. the frame will be saved for another day! :)…

And this is after 2 more coats and put back together!

Woot! No splotchiness: Check!  Glossy: Check! Cooling Effects: Check! A color I can tolerate: Double Check!


2 Responses to “Spraying and Fanning – NOT an ode to Georgia’s heat”

  1. jaime May 26, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    nice!! I didn’t even know you had to sand first before spray painting. I learned something new today! Thanks! I’m such a newb :/

  2. Barbara Putnam May 26, 2012 at 7:41 am #

    i want to find you a shirt that says exact quotes “lowe’s is my homeboy” and/or “home depot is my sugar daddy” lol idk why but yes, i hate brown, obnoxious fan blades too. it’s a throwback to the ’70s and well, we’re not that genre as you so kindly put it. i wouldn’t have figured out the clamp thing either so don’t feel bad. i probably would’ve pulled the whole thing down and just went out to buy a new fan altogether with pretty blades. ta da. done. 🙂 it looks good. job well done. again.

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