Mama Mia!

14 May

Unfortunately (for some), this has nothing to do with the musical. Although, full disclosure, I’ve never seen the movie or the play.  I’m writing this as my mother and I have freshly painted toes!  It was her first time at the spa… and I think she enjoyed it!  She mentioned that she definitely understood why people got their nails done to change their moods…

I didn’t get to be with both moms this year like we were last year when my mom came to Atlanta and Chris’s dad treated us all to a wonderful brunch.  However, this year, my brothers and I went home to Augusta and spent time there while Chris stayed in Atlanta to enjoy a wonderful Earnest brunch at The Depot in Norcross (mighty fine food, might I add).  So for Mother’s Day 2012, I really wanted to send the love both ways, and then I happened to stumble across Treat while browsing the Internet.  With their “try-us-free” code (FREETREAT), I was able to make 2 personalized Mother’s Day cards for the grand total of $2.99. I still do a mini-dance in my head when I think of the price.  Especially because you get to create such a personalized card. You can add whatever images you want, change what’s written on the inside as well as the back, and it all comes packaged beautifully… definitely using them again. I dare say they are worth the price difference compared to Vistaprint… at least when it comes to single cards.

Anyhow, enough words… pictures!

Also, I want to mention that the cards come with high quality envelopes that have raised “From” and “To” on the front and the flap contains the words “just for you…” on the back.  I love that!

Last point, you have the option of sending it to yourself first or sending them directly to the recipient.  Chris and I wanted to be able to hand them to our mothers day-of, so we had them sent here instead!  Hope you all had a great weekend… word to yo’ motha(s).


2 Responses to “Mama Mia!”

  1. Barbara Putnam May 15, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    when i scrolled down and saw the inside of the card for chris’ mom… not gonna lie, made me tear up just a little. 🙂 i love personalized cards. i’m obsessed with shutterfly only because i always get free promo codes. 🙂 i’m glad your mom had fun!

    • NinaE at NinaSquared May 15, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

      Yes! I should have mentioned you can use your photos from Shutterfly, Facebook, Picasa, and some other websites to make your cards!!! But your tearing up is so sweet… your heart must be so full of love that you’re easily tipped over the edge for others 😉 A very good thing, in my opinion!

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