One is NOT the loneliest number…

30 Apr

Do you ever wish we lived in the time of the Beatles? Or wish the Beatles were happening now?

Anyhow, Wendy and I decided to explore Atlanta this past weekend.  And by explore, I mean, we went to West Elm.  It was my first time… yep, I popped my West Elm cherry. too much? yeah, I kinda thought so too.  Not enough to hit delete, obviously.  Anyhow, my other better half, Ninaroo, couldn’t make it this time… but Wendy is like an honorary member of this little club, so it’s all goooood. Remember, how she gave me my first power tool, helped me with refinishing a desk, and helped me with hand-made flowers for Ninaroo’s wedding shower?

Anyhow, we went to West Elm at Atlanta Station for this event, which I had received an e-mail for:

… and we got to meet Amy Osaba, a local florist who has incredible charm.  Her free-flowing style and spirit is enchanting and shines through her work, which is obvious from her own blog. She was so much fun and offered a lot of great tips on picking, caring, and arranging flowers.  Therefore, I left West Elm with 2 candleholders (in Icy Blue), some fresh-smelling flowers, and made some extra crevices in my brain!

Isn’t it fun? Something small and budget-friendly, although the benefit of smelling these pretty little things have certainly offset the cost.  I even tweeted about it and got all giddy when I got a thanks back.  Leave me alone, I’m still new to Twitter, so I get giggly like a high-schooler whose crush just IM’ed her. 🙂

After a few hours, however, my stems kept falling over b/c I cut them too short, so I did a little rearranging and got to use my second candleholder (I couldn’t just buy one, right? What would I do with just one?)  I filled the second one with “just-because” flowers from Chris (no, you cannot have him b/c he’s all mine) and stuffed the ranunculuses (sp?) in.

Doesn’t that yellow-orangish look unreal??? It’s actually yellow in person, but it came out really, really orange in this photo… but we have it on our dresser now.

And the peony got a grand seat all on it’s own on my bedside table.  Actually, it’s been on the bar of the kitchen so I can sniff its delicious aroma every time I pass by, but the sunlight coming in the bedroom was just so pleasurable a couple of hours ago that I couldn’t resist.  Remember how we get very little natural lighting in our townhouse? Oh, and the little “ao” on the vase is Amy’s touch – adorable, right?!

Anyhow, since Chris is out of town for work, I’ll keep Miss Peony by my bed tonight to keep me company…

Side note:  The books behind the flower earn some explaining.  I am notorious for starting multiple books at a time.  I start one, put it down, and end up with a pile to coincide with whatever mood I’m in at the moment.  So, 2 of the 4 books are mine + 1 that Chris and I are both reading + the tablet that houses 3 more e-books for me….. 


2 Responses to “One is NOT the loneliest number…”

  1. Barbara Putnam May 1, 2012 at 8:11 am #

    very simple and cute arrangements 🙂 reading this little post makes me miss atlanta… only a little bit though. there isn’t any walking citylife sidewalks around here and especially no areas like atlantic station. at least we have a lot of trees though haha

    • NinaE at NinaSquared May 1, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

      Hahaha! It seriously took me about a year to get used to Atlanta, but now I love it! I also miss all the trees in Augusta sometimes too, which I’m sure is similar to Columbus!

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