Home Sweet Home + To-Do Lists

17 Apr

Saturday marked the 3-year anniversary of owning our townhouse.  I mean, technically speaking, I suppose it’s Hubby’s 3-year anniversary, but I’ve been involved since day 1!  And we can’t possibly forget that NinaR (to be deemed NinaRoo from now on, btw) and James were right beside us… great friends are so hard to come by! Such dedication!

With this anniversary, I figured it’d be nice to have my To-Do List on here, just so that I can one day look back and either say, “I can’t believe it took us so long to get that one thing done!” or “Dang it, it’s been on our to-do list for so long!”  Most likely it’s the latter of the two.  But, what the heck, why not?  I pretty much copied and pasted from my original list, so the strike-outs are things that actually have been completed since The List’s creation last July.  Alright, here we go!

Our Massive To-Do List

All around the house:

Sand and re-paint trim (our townhouse is a conversion, so they reused materials wherever they could…)

Master Bedroom:

Lower curtains

Master Bathroom

Re-Caulk Showers

Paint master bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Re-paint guest bedroom

Sand + Paint/Stain guest dresser

TV stand solution

Bookshelf – move?

Sand + Paint/Stain Andrew’s desk

Guest Bathroom

Repaint guest bathroom + behind toilet

Install new vent with a light

Find frosted glass shelves and hang

Living Room

Sand + Paint TV Tray (which I did here)

Spackle and repaint over nail holes


Clean Tile Grout

Storage for Bakeware?

Replace Light over Stove


Paint Office with brighter color – stripes?

Lower curtain rod

Paint Ceiling Fan

Dining Room

Hang Hanbok frame from Andrew’s trip to Korea

Repaint under the vent

Spray paint the mirror + frames

Storage Closet


Coat Closet

Find better storage spot for purses

Find/Make shoe storage


Get carpet for entryway

Add Mirror/Art piece for empty wall

Find new entryway light

Create hole in the wall to open up kitchen and add more counterspace

Whew, just thinking about everything makes me want to hyperventilate a little… but I know we’ll get all this stuff done in due time.  I also know the list will change as we add items and cross others off the list, and I’ll have to try and remember to keep the blog updated so I have some kind of reminder later in life.  It’s kind of fun when you get stuff done little by little, slowly transforming your house into a home and adding the personal touches to make it your own.  I think the only thing that’s holding us back is space! We never seem to have enough of it!  Kade’s 82-lb frame certainly doesn’t help either.  😉  By the way…….

Doesn’t he just look all tuckered out?  Kade would probably consider this to be Heaven for himself… (here’s the Source, btdubs)


One Response to “Home Sweet Home + To-Do Lists”

  1. Barbara Putnam April 18, 2012 at 6:54 am #

    haha i love that you got the most important things outta the way first (i.e. purses & shoes!!). i would’ve done the same thing. and yes, please do stripes for the office. that sounds like so much fun! and if doggies could only stay that small… nah. i love my big ol’ fluff of fur. see you tomorrow!! xo

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