Ode to Kade

23 Mar

Kade got sick recently with a bout of vomiting and diarrhea — I know, gross!

It actually happened after Hubby took him to work, an extremely dog-friendly place, so that Kade could do some socializing.  Plus, he’s got a bestie over there who is similar to his 85-lb frame and they like to frolic. As much frolicking as 2 large dogs can do… Hellooooo destruction!

However, he began vomiting right before dinner and he didn’t eat for a while – which is incredibly unusual for this 4-year-old.  And when he finally did eat, he threw that right back up a couple of times and then added diarrhea to the bag o’ fun.

Honestly, he used to get sick all the time with bouts of vomit as he grew up, so we have a semi-strict way of feeding him and are super cautious with added treats and outdoor stick-chewing.  And he gets very little human food… can’t say nonexistent because we apparently  have a handful of friends who like to encourage his not-annoying-at-all begging for more human food.  Oh, and we can’t forget that Kade is the master at getting food off the counter without making a peep and leaving the bowl or box untouched.  Seriously, we’re still trying to figure out how he got a Chick-fil-A grilled sandwich out of the box without moving the box on counter and keeping it so clean and tidy all in the time of washing hands.  And he’s managed to steal and eat Cuties from a ceramic bowl I had on the kitchen counter – something I had always done and continue to do.  That silly boy grabbed the freaking clementines one by one and left me a trail from the kitchen to the living room… and ate a couple of them whole.  How did I find that out?  Guess. Yep. Threw them back up whole – multiples at a time.

Anyhow, all of this continued on the next morning, so we made him some rice and scrambled eggs, which he managed to keep down and Hubby stayed home for the first half of the day in case he vomited again, while I was in class constantly asking for updates.  Although he still hadn’t eaten his breakfast – which, if you know Kade, you know is very unusual for him – by the time I got home at 5:30, he hadn’t vomited anything either!  We have an appointment this weekend for normal yearly stuff, so now I have a list of questions for the vet!

But all this made me realize how sweet and delicate his 85-lb frame is – he was soooo sweet while he was sick and I sat next to him on the floor, petting his favorite spots while I did homework, and it was oh-so-amazing.  That ginormous goofball is my sweet, sweet pup…

I know he’s looking forward to swimming soon… and I recently came across this on Pinterest:

Source: LittleFriendsPhoto.com

Apparently, this photographer didn’t expect his photos to become an internet sensation and even experienced a website melt-down (you can see the Washington Post article here).  Note, that the article also provides a gallery of photos that aren’t on the photostrip from Pinterest.  Or, if you want to see the website of the photographer, Seth Casteel, you can find that here!

Happy Friday, ya’ll!


One Response to “Ode to Kade”

  1. Chris March 23, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    I really want a picture of Kade getting a ball like this in the water…your next camera needs to be waterproof!

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