How I Spend My Time

10 Jan

Yesterday, I left you guys with a hint…. and I’ll get to that soon.  As always, back story first!

I get an incredibly long winter break from my school (yay) and always wonder what I would like to do during that length of time… however, what always happens is that I end up planning TOO much.. and very little school-related things.  This particular break has been full of NinaP’s wedding preparations, venue visits, vendor meetings, and more wedding planning mixed in with a whole lot of friends and reorganization in our home.

Part of that reorganization includes a complete revamp of our 8.5 ft x 3.5 ft storage closet.  We threw out a ton of stuff (well, a ton to me, not enough to Hubby) and finally utilized the storage containers I have been slowly accumulating.  It’s allowed me to breathe easier when I open that door to grab the vacuum or to grab my crafting supplies.  Although, as of this morning, I still have craft supplies to go through and 2 more containers to fill, so I again can’t really walk in there… it’s changing today though! 

While editing, I realized I needed some more pictures.  Please understand, this is not easy to show.  Anyone who’s been in my home knows that I detest clutter and hate feeling overwhelmed.  This space overwhelms me. To the max.

Taking deep breaths as I show this... see all that craziness on the floor?

Moving on, as you may see, it’s happening to me again.  Hubby graciously found things for me to do (note the sarcasm when I say graciously)… which included a complete transformation of his parents’ attic.  I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect when this happens because any reference previously made by a family member to the attic was NOT good.  His sister was warning me, his dad was chuckling, and MamaE — well, I could tell MamaE was excited.  Plus, I like a good challenge.  Not competition. Challenge.  There is not a competitive bone in my body.

Therefore, last Saturday, Hubby and I put on our grungy clothes, drove up to his parents’ house and got to work!  We started about 1 in the afternoon and went pretty much non-stop until 6:30 that evening. The attic isn’t that big, but it hadn’t been emptied EVER according to MamaE.  We emptied the entire attic and grabbed things that had been slowly pushed into insulation areas and cleaned.  Fortunately, MamaE had all her Christmas things in plastic storage bins already because she has her own system.  It was more of the sentimental things (old photos, kids toys, awards, etc) that were still in boxes and bags so at this point, I can’t do anything with those except to take it back into the attic once she’s sorted and put it all into new plastic storage bins.

Now, as I mentioned: yesterday, I left you with the hint 1866.  When we were emptying the closet, I found something.  A Bible. A Bible from 1866. My jaw dropped and I was awestruck. I was holding something that someone else used in 1866. 

In all its 1866 glory... all the intricate details are raised

Bought for $2.75

I get weak in the knees for history (but did not do well in those classes in high school) and can easily say that this highlighted the entire day for me.  That, and spending time with MamaE and Hubby to get a glimpse into their family’s lives.  Oh, and stealing things before they were put in the Goodwill donation pile:

You see 2 brand new rolls of batting (still holding tight to my dreams of making a quilt as you can see all up and down my Pinterest board), a wreath made by Chris’ grandmother, and tinsel from a long time ago.  As MamaE stated, “they just don’t make tinsel the same way anymore.”  You know my love of tinsel (used here and here) and I wish you could feel this tinsel — it’s so soft and nothing falls off of it!

Ohhhhh yeah… I found vintage burlap!  It’s gonna need a couple of rounds of washing to stop the dust from falling off, but I can’t wait to use it!  MamaE couldn’t figure out where it was from or when she got it, so I don’t know the history, but I still love it!

Sunday held an entire day (almost 12 hours) of wedding-related preparations with Hyang Un and NinaP, including the first glimpse of our bridesmaid dresses.  We had only seen swatches of the actual color and tried on the dress in an entirely different color (dark purple vs. light pink).  Luckily, luck was on our side (haha) and the dresses are beautiful!   Can’t believe it’s all coming up so soon!!!  I’m so excited to share the details of the co-ed bridal shower I’m hosting……….



2 Responses to “How I Spend My Time”

  1. Barbara Putnam January 10, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    very cool bible nina!! i just read yesterday’s and was like huh? but yep, makes sense now. nice surpirse. 🙂 and like you, i hit up all the after-christmas sale stuff… mitchell doesn’t quite understand my slight infatuation with wrapping paper lol xo

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