Happy New Year!!!

5 Jan

Have you guys ever wondered why things are done in sets of 3?  I like 3s… especially in regards to punctuations… hm…

Anyhow, 2011 brought us some pretty incredible things!

– Got MARRIED to the dreamiest, hunkiest, sweetest, most-patient man EVER (is that better than the cliche “love of my life”?)  I hate cliches… I prefer cheesy – just so I can say “That’s SOOO cheese-balls!”)

– Traveled to BERMUDA (certainly never imagined such a thing!)

– With marriage, loads of “Firsts,” such as our 1st Christmas:

– Started NinaSquared with NinaP (who has been very behind-the-scenes… until the wedding, anyhow — less than a month away!)

– Graduated from Emory University

– Began my Masters education at Emory University

– Got asked to be a maid-of-honor for NinaP’s wedding ❤

– Decorated my first HOME (an ongoing process, of course)

…….SIGH….. GREAT year!

Here are some photos for how we ended 2011 and brought in 2012:


New Years Eve Party Guests

Snacks + Cocktails

A few of the girls...

More girls!

With Hubby!

More Food...

NinaP + James

Getting a hug from Kade

Self-explanatory Resolutions

Happy New Year!

A couple of notes: DO NOT use light pink and light blue just because you like the colors when making a sign… it comes off as a guess-the-sex-of-our-baby announcement.  DO, however, try a funny resolution jar because it was a lot of fun to read through and guess the owner of the resolution!  Note: I do plan to bring those back up in conversation… oh yeah, you know I saved them!)  I also made a cocktail using this recipe. And you can see that I made the champagne-glass stirrers using this inspiration and the same tinsel I used here.

… which transitions nicely into my next piece: 2012 Resolutions!  I promised them, therefore, I must deliver!

(1) Stick with our budget! Hubby and I stretched ourselves a little thin this year, but since our biggest “firsts” are over (minus Valentine’s Day and Wedding Anniversary), we finally lose that excuse this year.

(2) Study harder! I get by with procrastination, but that needs to change!

(3) Keep up with NinaSquared and keep it light and fresh on here!  You guys will have to help me with that…

(4) Save up to buy a Canon DSLR! (I’ve done so much research with Nikon vs. Canon and have finally  narrowed it down… but I’m stuck with simply dreaming for now)

(5) Work/Check-off items on my Home To-Do list

And there we have it! Welcome 2012!


4 Responses to “Happy New Year!!!”

  1. Barbara Putnam January 5, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

    first, can we say omg nina! you look soo hott in your little mini skirt!! 😀

    second, yes, your color choice for the banner had me raise an eyebrow lol

    anyways. as always, you did an amazing job with the food, decor, and fun. hope 2012 brings you as many blessings (if not MORE) as 2011. happy new year!! xo

    • NinaE at NinaSquared January 5, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

      I love you for making me feel so gosh darn good!!! Thank you so much Barbara!!!!! Thank goodness, no need for more eye-raising in the near future and I can’t wait to see your own stuff as a newlywed (it’s creeping up!)… join us for next year, please!

  2. Sara January 5, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    Good show old bean.

    • NinaE at NinaSquared January 5, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

      Indubitably.. seriously though, thanks. Just wanted to say indubitably – although it’s more fun to say it out loud, wouldn’t you concur?

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