Christmas Cards in the Making!

15 Dec

There aren’t a lot of moments for me that make me stop and say, “Whoa. I’m married.”  I think we were together for a while before we got married (we hit 5 years 6 months into our marriage) and we’ve always just felt so comfortable that multiple friends have told us we were a married couple before the actual nuptials.  Anywho… I had one of those moments – when we made Christmas cards for the first time as a family.  Ohhhh yeah, we did it all – we got the dog in there and coordinated clothes – the whole nine yards!

It all began when one of my awesome and loving neighbors offered the idea of doing a Doggie Photo Shoot using his friend, the professional photographer.  Um… YES?!

Of course I had to get Kade in something Christmasy!  I searched everywhere for a decently priced Santa hat or reindeer antlers – zilch. nada. nothing.  So, when I passed by a $5 glittery Santa hat at Target, I grabbed it!  Yes. I was going to put my male 85-lb dog into a red, glittery Santa hat. 😀

I had ribbon at home already and I wanted to keep it simple by using iron-on hem tape (the hat is inside out in this photo)

…… FAIL. That iron-on hem tape was not a fan of the fuzzy polyester – should have known! It stuck to the ribbon okay, but no that faux fur.  So… onto the next best thing – needle and thread!  Now, I know that I’ve worked on sewing projects before, but I wouldn’t even consider myself a beginner. And to do it by hand – definitely not great.  I can’t keep a straight stitch and I just go for it knowing that no one would ever look at it.  Well, almost no one…..

… and yes, I had to use light blue thread because I left the white thread in the sewing machine, which my mom took back to Augusta for a little bit. But remember, no one was supposed to see this.  Therefore, did I care? Absolutely not.


……. so loyal he is. HA! Anyhow, once I finished both sides, we got him to try it on, praised him endlessly and called it a day!  He loved the praise so much that now whenever I so much as touch it, he comes running over anxiously jumping and waiting… love it!

The day of the photo shoot, we brought drinks and Joe had food and snacks galore! We had so much fun with the other couples and friends… and of course, I have a funny story.  Someone brought these beautiful Christmas cookies for the dogs and put them nicely on a plate on the table… and after a while, we gradually forgot to warn the newcomers.  Before I knew what had happened, one of the husbands attempted to take a bite! Thankfully, he was unable to bite through it – but we shared the story and spread the warnings.

However, one other friend thought we were all joking… and did this number:

Look at the lineup of those perfect teeth!!!

Once we had the photos, I went back to Vistaprint (mentioned previously here) to order the cards.  I think I will use other sources in the future, but they really don’t do a bad job at all!  And you absolutely canNOT beat the price.

See?!?! That’s enough to make me dance around the house!!! 50 cards + 50 envelopes + 140 matching address labels = $27.68.

…….. and they’re in! This go around, I ordered 100-weight linen and don’t think I’ll do that again, but you live and you learn! I would probably try matte or eco-friendly paper next year – I just don’t go bonkers over the high-gloss because of the fingerprints left behind. The only reason I don’t like the linen is because the lines aren’t as clean around the image as I’d like.  Thinking back, that should have made sense before I ordered, but it didn’t….. oh well!

And there you have it: Holy-Crap-I’m-Married moment.

Anyone else having those marriage moments or looking forward to them?  What about any other moments? Like, a why-do-I-read-this-blog-moment?


2 Responses to “Christmas Cards in the Making!”

  1. AlexOnActing December 15, 2011 at 5:25 pm #


  2. Barbara Putnam December 19, 2011 at 12:10 pm #

    i love it! we made some christmas cards too but only ordered a handful because i had a code & free shipping and everything else so needless to say, i only ordered enough to make my total $0.00 🙂 i’m posting the card just so everyone can see it. hehe i love that kade had a hat – didn’t even think of that for jackson.

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