Stenciling Woes

12 Dec

So, NinaP and I recently returned from this wonderful place:

It was a place of bliss + warm fires…..

…… and turkeys.

Hopefully, we’ll get to divulge secrets from the trip later, but until then, I just wanted to share my DIY gift.  As you may frequently hear me complain, money (of lack thereof) holds me back. So, as much as I wanted to shower my sweet other half (not you, Hubby), I had to keep  it budget-friendly – but I really really wanted to get them something unique for her and James’ wall space.  They don’t have much up right now (not that that’s a bad thing! no offense!!!), but once the wedding is over, I know that wall will be FULL soon! So I hoped to give them a tiny jump start!

I started by purchasing some gray and yellow wall paint samples from Lowe’s.  I wanted something that was somewhat neutral but not too bland in order to stand out from the wall… so I settled onto my favorite color combination, as previously mentioned here!  It is Valspar’s Cathedral Stone and Sunglow.  I had some white paint from this project and also had previously purchased Martha Stewart’s Craft Glitter.

I didn’t want to waste an entire paint tray, so I just poured the paint onto the canvas and rolled away!  I waited until the next day to stencil to ensure that it was completely dry.

After that, I tried my hand at stenciling using the exact same stencil set pack and brushes that Katie from Bower Power blogged about.  Except, I have no idea why, I didn’t have the same luck.  Maybe it’s my lack of patience or maybe I didn’t do something right.. but the stencil brushes wouldn’t do anything when I just did the up and down motion!!! So I ended up using some small art brushes I have….. and it didn’t come out as clean as I would have liked, but I kind of like the roughed up look more.  It’s got definition and it’s not perfect, but the overall image is nice, wouldn’t you agree?

So, if I had to do it over, I would have practiced some more with the stencil brushes and tried to have been more patient… We’ll be making our ornaments soon – cross your fingers for me!

The Famous Grove Park Inn


One Response to “Stenciling Woes”

  1. AlexOnActing December 13, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    Looks great Nina!

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