Christmas Wreath

9 Dec

I wish I could say “Wreaths,” but I’ve only managed to make one so far… BUT it was a cheap one and I love it!  So, in addition to the request by Barbara P, I wanted to MAKE some – and loaded up my Pinterest board with ideas!

I should’ve taken pictures of all the supplies beforehand, but I got too excited!  I found everything except for the small ornaments at the Dollar Tree.  So the wicker “template” and 4 garlands = $5! Oh, and the little ornaments were from Michael’s and came out to $1.71 with their after-Thanksgiving whole-store discount.  I know! Incredibly exciting! Please get a hold of yourself.

While you work on your deep breathing, let’s continue! So, I basically found an opening to push a few of the ends of the garland through.  I used 2 at a time – one completely silver and one with silver and gold mixed.  I know it’s not everyone (cough*NinaP*cough) favorite choice, but I love to mix silver and gold.  Plus it went with my entire color scheme.  And since it’s our first married Christmas, I decided to keep it traditional and make things silver, gold and red!

As you could probably imagine, I just wrapped and wrapped, occasionally reinforcing with some thin wire I had laying around in my craft box (you can see it in the corner of the picture below).  Thank goodness for the fluffiness of the garland – hides things well!

And done! How impressed would you be if I left it as this?! Simplicity at it’s best, right? KIDDING!

The little ornaments also had some wire on the top, making it easy to find places along the wreath.  All in all, I think the entire project took about 40 minutes – mostly because it was mixed in with some TV gawking.  But here’s the finished product!

Nothing to write home about, but I’m very happy with it!  Especially given how much I spent on it…

And yes, once I hung this bad boy, I realized how dusty our door was and wiped down the entire thing.  Hello, my name is Nina, and I have a problem.

On the other side, I just made the ribbon look decent and added some velcro to the door:

I was so happy with my Dollar Tree garland that I went bought a couple more… and made a matching tree!

I think it’s about 8 inches tall? Just hot glue and garland – I tried epoxy glue (I have E-6000 at home), but I recommend staying away from that b/c it literally ate through the styrofoam. Oops.  And yes, I am trying to figure out  what I want to mini-decorate it with….

Here’s what our TV stand looked like for a few days – until I could find a solution to hang the wreath:

The adorable house was a gift from last year and I already owned the red vase and mirror – it normally sits on a tray on our coffee table), so everything on here totaled less than $15.

So, my next plan is to make something like this (this link has a lot of tips too):

and/or like this (I actually want to make everything found at this link):

Just gotta wait patiently to buy some dirt cheap ornaments………

Thoughts? Suggestions? Let me know if YOU made any Christmas decorations (ahem, Wendy L)!

Now that finals are over, you can expect me to post more frequently through the holidays!!! Yay!


One Response to “Christmas Wreath”

  1. Barbara Putnam December 10, 2011 at 8:33 am #

    appreciate the shout out! 🙂 your wreath is so simple and cute. i love it! i just said screw it, i’m buying ours. maybe next year for our “first” christmas… like you, i wait until right after the holiday to buy everything cheap. i went into michael’s yesterday and everything was 50% off plus i had a 40% off of that… and then i get an email for a coupon only valid for the wkd that’s an additional 50% off. wish i had waited. oh well, the wrapping paper i got was only 0.66 a piece for 40 sq. feet. go me!

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