30 Nov

Just kidding….. Don’t you just hate those?!

On a more serious note, did everyone have a wonderful Gobble Day?  I sure hope so… The Earnest family did it big!!!  I only contributed a sweet potato side dish, but MamaE had roasted the turkey (YUM – JUICINESS TO THE MAX), made mashed potatoes and noodles, green beans, and all kinds of scrumptilicious foods… yes, I just totally made up that word, thankyouverymuch.  Not only that, but we had appetizers and 3 different pies plus chocolate cake.  Our fridge was literally full from all the leftovers overtaking that space! We spent the day with my Earnest family while missing my Choi family and MamaE and I talked about decorating half the time.

The following evening, MamaE provided all of us with Groupon tickets for the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Garden Lights.  We bundled up, buckled up, and were on our way! By the way, if you’re going, beware that the parking lot gets full FAST.  Perhaps it was because it was the day after Thanksgiving, but you’ll probably have a better time if you go during a weeknight to avoid parking holdups.  We parked about a 1/2 mile away (or so) and crossed our fingers the car wouldn’t be towed and walked through part of downtown Atlanta.  Yes, sounds incredibly shady, but it wasn’t really bad at all.  Plus it was fun to actually get some exercise after the obscene amount of food and leftovers I had consumed. I literally gained 5 pounds over the span of last week… or maybe NinaP’s scale is way off. 😉

Outside of the craziness that is Thanksgiving, NinaP and I spent about 3 days together doing wedding-related stuff and shopping… Can’t believe it’s coming up so soon!!!! December and January will be gone so quickly – scary thought!  We shopped, spray painted, labeled and stuffed envelopes, and shopped some more.  I’ll let NinaP share the details with you – but my nails are still tinged with black and silver from the spray paint cans (we’ve remedied that situation for the next time).






Oh, right! Pop quizzes!

So, I took a couple a while ago and was going to share it with you guys and then my favorite bloggers posted last week about it!  Have you guys ever taken online style quizzes?  I can’t decide if I have a favorite yet, but I thought I’d list a couple for you guys to try:

HGTV’s Test Your Shopping Smarts – you are given 2 images and you get to decide which one is the higher-priced item.

Haverty’s Design Quiz – apparently I am blessed with a blend of Transitional and Contemporary (Is that good? I hope so… I’m usually drawn to cottage-type stuff + contemporary pieces… but not super bold things)

Then, here’s one by Nate Berkus himself!

Hubby also took this quiz and really, truly appreciated and embraced this question (haha, he’s going to hate me for this):

And he also didn’t think Nate got him 100% correctly:

Of course, Ethan Allen is important to home design…

HomeGood’s Deborah Needleman came up with another fun one – Earthy Casual, I am.

What’s incredibly interesting to me is that half of those colors are in my home – but I hate how earthy it looks!  I would prefer brighter colors!!! My design challenge is to Unify (which makes sense because Hubby and I recently combined home items), the breezy and open outdoors creates my happy place, and my home should be party-ready all the time. (HA!)

Ikea’s Quiz is also fun (tiny bit biased, but only product-wise) with just 10 questions.  Anyone want to further explain “Scandinavian Balanced”?

Finally, I love Sproost’s Quiz too – you get decide on a scale between Hate It to Love It.  I have a hard time picking favorites….


It’s really interesting that I am transitionally contemporary, modern, romantic, earthy casual, and scandinavianlly balanced – blended with a bit of Nantucket.  So basically, unless someone can Freud my subconscious sense of style, I have no idea what I want my house to ultimately look like.

Well,  I hope I at least gave someone a fun way to get through the week’s hump!


4 Responses to “POP QUIZ!”

  1. Barbara Putnam December 1, 2011 at 9:28 am #

    …to sum it up, you’re random! 😛

  2. Ashley Pickell December 1, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    Ha! I love the way you summed it all up at the end. I can’t wait to see how you blend all of it into your home 🙂

    • Chris December 1, 2011 at 11:49 pm #

      Nate whatever is apparently a woman…

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