Wanna See What The Cool Kids Are Doing?

13 Nov

….. Getting into VistaPrint!

I’m sure half of you have seen advertisements all over the place from them.  I first heard about them from reading Bower Power.  They have tons of freebies and all you do is pay for the shipping. If it’s not free, then it’s severely discounted!!! Since then, I’ve ordered a rubber stamp for mailing envelopes (yes, I still do that from time to time!), a mousepad, and today’s feature: a calendar.  If you decide to use this, I suggest going for the cheapest shipping option if you can, because it never ever takes as long as it says and you save a little bit of moolah!

My favorite part: I find that the website is very easy to use!

So, I tell them how many calendars I want…

And you customize everything from here on out!!! You can see that I paid $2.99 for Hubby and my favorite design, was able to add my own pictures, add captions to the photos and personalize!  And yes, that is Kade playing in the snow this past year in the picture above.

You can further personalize by choosing the font of the numbers and adding your own special occasions.  If you look closely in the photo above, you’ll see that I marked March 12, 2012 as our 1st anniversary!

Furthermore, you can can be the one to decide how you want your calendar to look in its individual little boxes!

They send a million emails, but I don’t turn it off because I find some good stuff occasionally!  So, my next plan?

Family Christmas cards for 2011!

Here’s the link one more time, just in case you guys get as giddy as I do about these things! 😉

By the way, has anyone else become addicted to Sabrina Soto’s High Low Project on HGTV? Her work is amazing and I can’t believe how much money she saves for her people!


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