Please don’t hate!

14 Oct

Man! I feel terrible for being so on top of posting and then suddenly leaving everyone hanging…. and Alex is not letting me forget it.  No, my interest hasn’t changed that quickly – it has just been crazy, insane busy around our house.  So, I suppose I should start with where I left off – traveling!

Before I begin, I must say that Fall = Birthday season around our lives.  Seriously, with my 5 family members and Chris’ 4, we have birthdays between August 23rd and November 20th. NINE immediate family birthdays, ya’ll!!! I remember as a kid whenever I got an allowance, I would save up all year just to have enough money to buy birthday presents and Christmas presents for everyone in my family… and just like now, that money goes FAST!

(Travel Event 1)  We were in Augusta the last week of August to celebrate (1) my dad’s birthday, (2) my parent’s closing on their business’ property, giving them 100% ownership of their company (no more renting the space!), (3) Allan starting his internship with Shaw, (4) Andrew becoming a P1 at Mercer Pharmacy, (5) Chris making into Gwinnett Business Journal’s Top 35 Under 35, and (6) my start to grad school. All in one glorious, fun and delicious dinner!

Then, a few weeks later, my parents came to Atlanta to celebrate Andrew’s birthday and I made some delicious chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes.

Recipe came from a wonderful book called The Big Book of Cupcakes by Betty Crocker, given to me by Hyang Un – a very special and close friend!  I love special and close friends because they show me over and over again that they’re thinking of me – so I don’t feel as crazy for always having them on MY mind!

(Travel Event 2) One week later, we were back in Augusta for my mom’s birthday – and we made it as special as possible!  I love it when birthdays fall on the weekends so that we all get the appropriate amount of attention deserved! Cake, dinner, and my dad even came home early after his golf game – which is a HUGE deal!!

Yes, you do see 3 different types of rice/pressure cookers behind her left shoulder... Can't explain it either!

(Travel Event 3) As much as we wanted to stay at home longer and stuff ourselves with Korean food, we had to get moving to get to Hubby’s convention at Reynolds Plantation, near Lake Oconee.  Although we didn’t get to stay at the Ritz-Carlton with his boss, we did get to stay in a right-off-the-green-aka-tempting-location-according-to-Hubby cabin in Cuscowilla.  I didn’t really go to any of the meetings – I was focused on trying to relax and study… and was uber excited to visit their local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  You can imagine my PURE disappointment when I learned that they were only open on the weekends… and it was Monday! BLERG! (name that show…)

Conveniently, there was a Goodwill across the street, which eased my pain ever-so-slightly.  No offense to anyone who lives there, but there is NOTHING to do around there!  We killed some time shopping in this cute Kitchen store between Reynolds Plantation and Cuscowilla.  Turns out that it wasn’t for nothing though! We found some amazing hot chocolate mix at the store!  BAM! House-warming present for Sydney J.!!

… but couldn’t resist the urge to buy one for ourselves!

The rest of the trip was as expected: better with wine… Just kidding! kind of… but seriously, aren’t a lot of things in life made better with wine? Don’t lie!

(Travel Event 4) Continuing on with Gulliver’s Travels, the following weekend was EXTREMELY exciting!!! We traveled to Montaluce Winery  to our neighbor/friend’s wedding – and let. me. tell. you, I wish I had taken pictures to show you just how gorgeous this place was.  Although, I’m sure that the pictures would not have done the venue or the bride any justice.  It is FABULOUS and Mike & Krissy did such a GREAT job planning and putting together a WONDERFUL wedding!  On top of the dreamy wedding ceremony, complete with a sunset backdrop (plus a pond to reflect all the colors!), Hubby and I got another chance to hang out with our fun neighbors.  Seriously, I fall in love with them more and more with each hangout!

I think I’m caught up now with the travel updates – next up: Guest Bedroom!


2 Responses to “Please don’t hate!”

  1. AlexOnActing October 14, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    OMG! Travelin’ like crazy. I guess that’s why you refuse to hang out with me. 😀

    • NinaE at NinaSquared October 16, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

      No way dude… It’s because you’re jet-setting to New York City every other weekend!

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