White(ish) Wall

20 Sep

When I first moved into our house… Hubby had already been living here for about a year.  Alhtough it wasn’t quite a  bachelor pad, it was close enough… and as far as I’m concerned, as close as it would EVER get, mind you.  Meaning that it still had an apartment feel to it, with bare walls and bare necessities.  (Sorry, had to get it out into the open, Hubby – honesty’s the best policy, right?)

So, we slowly filled the walls of our home and now I have almost NO wall space now!  I suppose that’s a good thing — goal achieved?  (For now.)  So, we started with our living room wall being this color:

To this lovely shade of what-I-swear-is-blue… (more on that in a second)

True friends work for you. 🙂

L-R: Chris, me(NinaE), Little Nina, James - and yes, we drank champagne that night to celebrate Chris' closing!

Ready for the heart-sinking news?  When you search this wall color, it comes up basically a weird shade of gray with the tiniest, weeniest hint of blue.  And that’s being nice. for my own sake.  Because you see, it is nothing like the “pastel blue” swatch we have – oh no no no, it comes up like this, this and this…. what could this mean?!?  Have I, like Hubby, gone color-blind?  But that can’t be… you do see the color above, don’t you?!  We were going for a “pastel blue” and to see how gray it appears was a little disheartening…. especially because I don’t want to lose credibility with y’all.

(self-therapy starts here)  But you know what?  When I walk into our living room, I see a beautiful shade of blue! So, forget all that other stuff…  If you want to see Valspar’s Woodlawn Sterling Blue in real life, come over!

Anyhow, one empty wall that has been bothering me was by the entryway (the one to the left in the photo below).  We don’t have a formal foyer or entryway in our condo (it’s roughly 1200 sq. ft), but I needed some way to separate the area.  See?

Entryway on Closing Day

And if you turn around at that exact same spot, you see:

Almost a year after moving into this place, I finally decided we were going to splurge on a bunch of Ikea frames.  And my inspiration?  None other than Young House Love, naturally.  Of course, I, being the student that I am, cannot afford to buy so many frames and Hubby was a little alarmed when I said I wanted to buy so many frames at once.  So, I settled for 8 frames.  All from Ikea’s Ribba line.  Plus, we wanted to incorporate the photograph that was given to us when Chris closed on the house, a gift from an amazing realtor.  It’s a pretty great image that he photographed somewhere in the Midwest and placed into a simple matted black frame.

Taking tips from John and Sherry, I strategically planned for my placement.

I ❤ Reusing!

And voila!

Honestly, the photo is from this angle only because there is so little natural lighting that I was getting crazy flash-reflections.

Once I got some of our lovely wedding photos printed, the frames looked much better (as expected).

So… you’ll notice that the frames have been switched around in the last two photos – mostly to accommodate the lamp on our desk.  You’re thinking, “But WHY does she have a desk in the entryway when she has an awesome office/sunroom?”  Wellll… I don’t know if I’ve told you yet… but here’s what’s going on:

When I moved in with Chris, Allan (baby brother) came with us because he was finishing up the last of his classes at Georgia Tech.  When he finished this past August, the plan was for him to move out of the guest room, go back to Augusta and continue looking for internships/jobs.  As this was going on, Andrew (middle child) was going to move INTO the guest bedroom to begin HIS classes at Mercer University’s Pharmacy program, for an unknown length of time.  It was just easier this way for everyone, all around. And I love my brothers, remember?

Well, turn of events:  Allan’s in the middle of moving his belongings to Augusta when he gets a phone call from Shaw Industries (yes! the carpeting company)  for an internship!  What’s a family to do at this point?  It was only until December….. sooooo the office/sunroom has become a temporary bedroom!  Honestly, we didn’t have much in there, so the biggest event was moving the desk.  And Kade’s favorite chair:

Kade's Favorite Bed of Choice

Alright, alright – I’m back to the wall of photos – MAN, I get sidetracked so easily!  So, we put the desk against the “empty” wall so that when you stand by the desk, this is what you see:

I suppose that this, in the grand scheme of life, has temporarily created the feel of an entryway?  No matter what, can’t add much else in this area!  Maybe a mirror or something on that empty wall straight ahead.  Whenever the brothers move out, we’ll move the desk back and then create another plan. But don’t get me wrong! I actually really enjoy looking up from studying and seeing my amazing wedding photos.

Lesson learned?  More FRAMES!!!!! I’m addicted and I want more! I need more. Especially to fix that business going on along the bottom edge… and extend it out the sides 🙂  Hint: my birthday’s coming up, friends!


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  1. AlexOnActing September 20, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    Cool Frames!~

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