A Super Quickie

17 Sep

….that’s what this project was… and as promised, it’s another Pinterest-inspired one!

I took this idea:

and a little bit of this idea:

actually, I just really liked this frame and paper

and this one:

I love this saying!

and made this:

I bought a $5 8×10 from Home Goods, took the backing and glass off and spray painted the whole frame in Matte White.  I think about 3 coats did the trick… I really love spray painting (right, Patrick P.?)!!!  Hubby picked out a scrapbook page – after I narrowed it down for him, of course.  Then, I played with fonts and sizing of the wording, printed it onto regular printer paper and held it up against the scrapbook so I wouldn’t ruin the scrapbook page.  Note: be sure to personalize your margins on the computer, so you don’t end up with part of the lettering covered up by the frame. And voila! 

It’s not very big… Hubby still has a fear of big changes in the home.. that’s why I’m trying little things to gain his trust (let him pick the paper, a little bit of the color, placement, etc) through these little projects so that one day, WHAM! I can do something totally daring and fun (here’s credit for the image below) and he’s going to LOVE IT..


And yes, we DO use it regularly, but I cleaned it up for you all – so you’re welcome!  We just use a regular wipeable marker that we keep in our sofa table/repurposed-to-under-the-TV-table (you can see it in the corner in the above picture).  I was a little nervous about the black marker wipe-aways making the inside edges of the frame darker, but that has not happened in the 2 months it’s been up!

Stay tuned for one last Pinterest-inspired project! (well, kind of… you’ll see!)


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